“Only for Love” Mocked for Filter Use

Bai Lu (白鹿) and Dylan Wang Hedi’s (王鶴棣) urban romance Only For Love <以愛為營> premiered on November 3 to great hype—but is already getting slammed by viewers for the heavy-handed filters!

With her popularity climbing with Till the End of the Moon‘s <長月燼明> strong reception, Bai Lu and rumored boyfriend Zhang Linghe’s (張凌赫) anticipated costume drama Story of Kunming Palace <寧安如夢> was due to air when it was implicated by supporting male lead Zhou Junwei’s (周峻緯) political views and abruptly pulled. After over 6 months, hopes of the drama being aired are now dim, with greater hopes of Bai Lu’s later completed production, Only for Love beating it to air.

Bai Lu and Wang Hedi’s Sweet Confessions
Based on Chinese novelist Qiao Yao’s (翹搖) web novel “Accidental Love” <錯撩>,financial journalist Guo Shuyi (Bai Lu) pulls out all stops to secure an interview with CEO Shi Yan (Dylan Wang) but eventually falls for the latter instead, as the storyline looks to drive a heart-fluttering, fluffy sweet romance.

Despite the hype over Dylan and Bai Lu’s strong pairing, netizens poured scorn the drama when a sweet teaser dropped, and critiqued the excessive “skin-smoothening” effect.

Calling the leads “plastic faces”, they exclaimed that male lead Dylan Wang’s widow’s peak has “almost disappeared” and blamed Bai Lu for the production team going overboard with the filter, as “male leads don’t need to smoothen their skin”.

“Aunt and Nephew”?

Before filming had even kicked off, fans on both sides were locking heads over their idols’ publicity positions. When the first batch of set photos dropped, Dylan’s fans then slammed Bai Lu for looking “old”, causing the onscreen couple’s interactions to resemble that of “aunt and nephew”.

With the filter saga, Dylan’s fans again pointed their finger at Bai Lu, driving discussions around the drama to a high.

Source: Upmedia

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  1. Well, blame Dylan’s fans for just couldn’t shut their mouths? If they stop going on about how she looks too old for him, the production wouldn’t feel the pressure to applied this skin smoothing filter >_> and seriously, who goes “oh she looks too old for him” these days and ages unless it’s old minded old hags? It’s the sort of things my mum would say, and I found it extremely rude, condescending, and totally shortsighted.
    It’s something Chinese production companies need to learn to ignore and let their actor and actress and their script shine -.-

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