Bai Lu and Zhang Linghe’s “Story of Kunning Palace” Releases Thrilling Trailer

While buzz for her latest hit Till the End of the Moon <長月燼明> continues to trend on social media, Bai Lu (白鹿) will likely continue her hot streak with Story of Kunning Palace <寧安如夢>. Although there are no official confirmations yet, the iQiyi series is rumored to premiere on May 18. Over 3 million people reserved to watch, and its trailer reached online traffic of more than 8 million views in one day!

Adapted from the web novel ​​Kun Ning <坤宁> written by author Shi Jing (时镜), Story of Kunning Palace follows fallen queen, Jiang Xuening (Bai Lu), who is forced to commit suicide after the palace comes under siege and the death of the emperor. After her rebirth, she vows to undercover the truth behind Emperor Pingnan’s traitors 20 years ago by partnering with the imperial preceptor Xie Wei (Zhang Linghe 張凌赫).

Portraying the calm and intelligent Xuening, Bai Lu will be entangled in a complicated quadrangle relationship involving the talented and strategic Xie Wei, cool and righteous official Zhang Zhe (Wang Xingyue 王星越), and the straightforward and cheerful young master Yan Lin (Zhou Junwei 周峻緯).

From the thrilling trailer, Bai Lu’s chemistry is most intense with Zhang Linghe, which is expected given their offscreen romantic rumors. Since last year, the actress was spotted staying over at the latter’s home twice. They were also found to be wearing matching couple shoes and behaving very closely on set. While they never responded to their dating rumors, it is believed Bai Lu and Linghe fell in love while filming the drama.

Many viewers are eager for The Story of Kunning Palace to premiere, commenting, “I really want to see a real couple acting together! I’m shipping them very hard as a couple already!” and “This looks very promising–can’t wait to watch it soon!”

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Zhang Linghe and Bai Lu Rumored to Be Dating

Bai Lu and Zhang Linghe Caught Wearing Couple Shoes

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  1. Zhang Linghe is one my favourite newbie…much better then Dylan, Ding Yu Xi and others under 30yrs. I feel his eyes can tell stories… He played a good lead in Flourish in Time….
    Just read his Wiki…he is definitely one of the more academic actors. I hope we will see his growth.
    Bai Lu on the other hand….I do like her but she is appearing too often on my screen…. I need a break.

    1. @Hohliu I really like him as well! I’m excited for his new projects. There’s quite a few, so hopefully you don’t end up needing a break from him too 🙂 It seems like IQiyi is really utilizing him.

    2. You are in luck lol, I think ZLH has like 3-5 dramas that are ready to come out! Though I’m wondering how BL is on your screen too much lol. She only has TTEOTM recently? N last year was like the ordinary greatness? Which is kind of a not so exciting drama, even though it’s pretty decent lol.
      Anyway I wonder how they make the story interesting lol, like her past life is the interesting, angst stuffs, but with rebirth and she determined not to follow that road, isn’t that mean her life will be super boring XD??? Though I have to say ZLH totally got me interested in watching when he held her hand and said I need you! Giving me TTJ/bad toxic ML vibe right now lol!
      Also I do not think they are a couple. Like I was totally in that ship before TTEOTM air, and weibo night with them looking at each other and smiling. Then YouTuber shows how awkward they are at the end of filming vlog, *facepalm lol, it clearly show he has no feeling toward her: “don’t ask me to sing, or dance, just leave me alone” lol.

      1. Bai Lu is shipped with so many people by public/ media etc… many of her co leads…I feel so exhausted for her…

        I love to watch Zhang Linghe is other dramas… his eyes can act..

      2. @Hohliu Zhang Linghe appears older than his actual age of 25, which gives him the perfect combination of onscreen maturity and the vitality of an actor in his 20s. The trailer of “Story of Kunning Palace” looks really atmospheric and his role is fascinating!

      3. I remember saying they don’t feel like a couple to me either, just based off their vibes. He regarded her as like a teacher in certain interviews, which is kinda formal and he didn’t seem at ease around her (though maybe they are very chill with each other outside of work.) But then you see lots of articles pointing out how they spent like 2 nights together at her place or something like that, so I thought, well, maybe opposites attract.

        In any case, I lurv rebirth/reincarnation dramas. The last one was really good, although the ML was boring as heck and I was rooting for the evil main villain LOL. It was also not a very good revenge drama because while the FL did a lot of emotional damage, she never got to pull herself out of her situation and was still pretty much victim to her circumstances. I’m not saying they can’t be victims in rebirth, but it’s just not as satisfying. I’m hoping this one with BaiLu is better and we see some real badass a$$kicking

      4. @Coralie is it Xing Fei’s Lost Track of Time?
        Liked the drama so much in the first few episodes when FL outsmart her father’s concubine.

      5. @Hohliu haha I see what you mean. Yea, idk what’s the deal with people is.I agree that she has insane chemistry with all her costar, even RJL lawl, who in every other role feel like a rock! Lol. The one I don’t get is Cai Xu Kun lol, sure, they are on keep running, but their interactions aren’t that many lawl. But yea, you feel exhausted for her with that many ships sailing!

        @Coralie no one knows for sure how legit are those photos lol. Apparently they could be photoshopped, and we wouldn’t even know. Also I feel ZLH is so proper, he possibly too focus on his work right now to care for dating. And in term of compatibility, these two does not even feel like it lol. Like BL and XK = sure, BL and LYX = sure, I can’t think of others lol!

      6. @BearBear yes! Xing fei wowed me in that one. It is lost track of time lol.

        Don’t regret watching it, but regret how they wrote the ML and how lackluster he was. I got scolded a few times for supporting the main villain hahahhaa

  2. The plot looks interesting but not too keen with leads involving multi-relationships.

    1. Uhm, it’s a pretty clear cut relationship: with the 3rd ML, he’s infatuated with her, but she didn’t love him one bit, just that with her past life of using him, she kinda want to repay that, so she tries to do her best to help him since it seems history didn’t change. With the second ML, it’s more like a first love (happened in last life), then they both grow and fall out of love with each other (or realise they are not right for each other). ML is the one that always love her, and kinda like the suffering in the dark type thinking she is in love with 2ml lol

      1. @LittleFish ohhh I like dark type of ML. Well hopefully the supporting characters who love the main aren’t going to remain single because of the main unless the supporting are irritating characters.

    1. @BearBear We would never know! Like based on their interactions on set of the legends, it does seem that way. She’s way more touchy to him than with anyone else. Even with LYX, she’s only got close to that during TTEOTM, and not full on just holding hands, and leaning against XK like in the legends. Like don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan of YunLu, but a lot of the YouTube videos show how close they are were scenes they need to do for the drama. Whereas in the legends BTS, they were all over each other without any boundaries lol.

      A fierce fan of BL would outright deny she would date XK, idk why… maybe because she got attacked quite badly by his fans, and in a way, her career got a bit of a dip due to YZ make sure the 2 of them don’t work together ever again. Because imagine if it was BL in that cooking drama with XK, they will then only need a modern drama to complete it all lawl: xianxia, republicans, period, n modern XD!
      Anyway, whether they did or not, they will definitely not going to be together now lol. Not even on screen lawl! Meanwhile, yunlu fans apparently awaits their return in 2027… talking about dedications lawl!

  3. Gives a ‘Bloody Romance (2018)’ vibe. Can’t wait to watch, especially since BL is in it. Lately became a fan of hers after watching ‘Till The End Of The Moon (2023)’ Hope there’s CP in this drama

    1. I really enjoyed Bloody Romance…I hope this drama will be just as good or even better…

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