Bai Lu and Zhang Linghe Caught Wearing Couple Shoes

Dating rumors have been swirling since the paparazzi caught Bai Lu (白鹿) staying over at Zhang Linghe’s (張凌赫) home twice in September. Although the pair never officially confirmed their relationship, their love can not be hidden! Recently, they were caught wearing the same pair of brown-colored couple shoes on December 15 and 17.

Netizens also compared Zhang Linghe’s interactions with Bai Lu and Esther Yu Shuxin (虞書欣), and commented on the big difference. Both women had released their EP on their birthdays, but the actor was much sweeter towards Bai Lu.

When Yu Shuxin posted on Weibo to share the news of her new EP,  Zhang Linghe replied, “I’ve already bought your EP, Happy Birthday.” She replied, “Hahaha thank you prince.” However, his reply on Bai Lu’s announcement was much flirtier, “It sounds so good; it sounds so good; it sounds so good; it sounds so good. Hahahaha, Happy Birthday!! I hope that Little Lu can teach me how to sing.” Netizens joked that his response is basically what a man in love would say.

Although many netizens congratulated them, the news angered Zhang Linghe’s fans. They complained that Bai Lu was using the actor to promote their upcoming drama Story of Kunning Palace <寧安如夢>, and criticized him for lacking professionalism. “You’ve already lost 10,000 fans after the rumors–how can you still foolishly show off your relationship?” and “I feel that after Story of Kunning Palace airs. She’s going to dump you; you can cry then!”

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  1. If they both are dating…. I am happy for them! Either way, just leave them to live their lives…. Some of these fans are just not worth having…

  2. I’ll never understand why some fans of actors are so entitled and overly concerned when it comes to the dating life of their faves. They’re actors, not pop idols who need to pretend to be single to sell millions of albums. As long as Zhang Linghe’s acting is good and his shows are enjoyable to watch, why care what he does in his private life as long as it hurts nobody? If he does his job well, he’s being professional enough.

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