Zhang Linghe Starts Filming “The Grand Princess”

Zhang Linghe (張凌赫) is one of the fastest-rising actors in China. Propelled to stardom last year after starring in Love Between Fairy and Devil <蒼蘭訣>, Zhang Linghe gained over two million new followers on social media. Working with Esther Yu (虞書欣) again proved to be a lucky streak, as My Journey to You <雲之羽> quickly became a hit during its September broadcast. 

The actor garnered many new opportunities. His new drama with rumored girlfriend Bai Lu (白鹿), Story of Kunning Palace <寧安如夢>, is awaiting broadcast. In his latest completed project Reborn for Love < 四海重明 >, Zhang Linghe stars opposit Jing Tian (景甜). Not stopping to take a break, he started filming historical drama The Grand Princess <度年華> with Zhao Jinmai (趙今麥) in October.

Based on a novel, The Grand Princess depicts the romance between a princess and a secretariat. Retaining partial memories from a previous life, where they were married but both murdered, the two work together to figure out the mystery behind their pasts.

Having graduated at the top of his class from Nanjing Normal University majoring in Electrical Engineering, Zhang Linghe ultimately decided to step foot into the entertainment industry. Debuting three years ago, Zhang Linghe has already been in eight historical dramas, mounting concerns that he may be typecast. On the other hand, viewers are arguing that being type cast is not necessarily an issue as many viewers are drawn to watching handsome actors in historical roles.

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This article is written by Su for JayneStars.com.

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