Leo Wu and Zhao Jinmai’s Sweet Sparks in “Amidst a Snowstorm of Love”

Starring in Nothing But Love <愛情而已> with actress Zhou Yutong (周雨彤), saw leading man, actor Leo Wu Lei (吳磊) elevated to male god status. Nicknamed “China’s Little Brother”, Leo’s upcoming drama’s Amidst a Snowstorm of Love‘s <在暴雪時分> latest trailer garnered 18 million views in just one day, exciting fans with his sizzling sparks with actress Zhao Jinmai (趙今麥) of Reset <開端> fame!















Youth Romance Meets Professional Sports 

In the latest teaser, Leo sweetly confesses, “This is the first time I saw you, I really want to know you,” Flashing scenes of the two’s first meeting, exchanging billiard pointers and dining together, his troubled past is unveiled. “All these years, I only think about today, never wishing to think about tomorrow at all,”

Shown executing a beautiful strike on the pool table, Zhao Jinmai runs excitedly towards Leo and tells him “Today I’ve won, I want to gift this match to you, My Queen!” Gripping hands tightly at that instant, the two begin their sweet dating journey.

A poignantly sweet scene sees Zhao Jinmai sitted in a departing taxi, with Leo about to send her off, his eyes full of reluctance. No longer hiding her emotions, she snugs her head out and locks lips in a heart-thumping yet romantic scene that has became the highlight of the teaser and netizens’ discussions. Leo brilliantly portrays a former disillusioned billiards player with a heavy past who gradually finds redemption through love, while Zhao Jinmai perfectly embodies the up-and—coming skilled billiards player with romantic girl vibes. Giving viewers a hint of their sizzling chemistry, many are eagerly anticipating the duo as breakout stars of the pure love drama genre.












A set of new images released have also hyped up discussions around the drama, including one where Leo scoops Zhao Jinmai up in a sweet embrace as they gaze at each other close-up, and another where Leo wraps his arms around Zhao Jinmei from behind. The drama airs pre-lunar new year on February 2.

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Source: Upmedia

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