Hu Ge and Leo Wu Collaborate Again in “All Ears”

Attending the Shanghai Film Festival for their new film All Ears <不虛此行>, Hu Ge (胡歌) and Leo Wu  (吳磊) work together again. On the stairs of the red carpet, Hu Ge was seen happily picking Leo up – earning cheers from the red-carpet goers. Their pose struck a nostalgic note, reminding fans of the stars’ wonderful chemistry in 2015’s Nirvana in Fire <琅琊榜, when Leo was only 15 years old.

Although Hu Ge and Leo’s most famous work together is Nirvana in Fire, their very first production together was actually in 2006’s The Young Warriors <少年楊家將> when Leo was only 6 years old. Meeting Hu Ge as a child, Leo had even asked to take a photo together because both he and his mother were major fans.

From a young fan to a respected colleague, Leo’s road to stardom was paved through dedication and hard work. Now that he is older, Leo said his conversations with Hu Ge have matured into two long-time friends casually chatting about each other’s performances and work.

The duo’s popular reunion was celebrated online, as their photo at the Shanghai Film Festival red carpet received over 300 million views in the span of one night. With their third collaboration, All Ears to hit theaters soon, many viewers are excited to watch the pair onscreen together.

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