Leo Wu Suddenly Loves Milk Tea

Teaming up with Rosy Zhao (趙露思) and Zhou Yutong (周雨彤) in Love Like the Galaxy <星漢燦爛> and Nothing But You <愛情而已>, Leo Wu (吳磊) rose to the ranks of Cdrama male god. Having adhered to a strict diet and exercise routine all along, the 24-year-old recently professed his love for sinful fried chicken and milk tea, surprising many netizens who think his change might be romantically motivated!

Used to Denouncc Milk Tea as lacking in Nutritional Benefit

Having started his showbiz journey since 3, Kris rose to fame with his role as Hu Ge’s (胡歌) guard Fei Liu in 2015’s Nirvana In Fire <瑯琊榜>, and quickly caught viewers’ attention with period dramas The Long Ballad <長歌行>, Love Like the Galaxy and romance Nothing But You. With the recent success of Amidst a Snowstorm of Love <在暴雪時分> with actress Zhao Jinmai (趙今麥), his net worth rose to 12 million RMB, proving his ranks as one of the hottest leading male actors.

Wrapping up Si Bei Sui Yue <西北歲月> with Li Qin (李沁) and Jin Dong (靳東), Leo Wu was rumored to have beaten actor Wang Yibo (王一博) as part of the cast of upcoming movie Dongji Island <東極島>, alongside award-winning actor Zhu Yilong (朱一龍) and actress Ni Ni (倪妮)!

Recently attending the premier of film Dwelling by the West Lake <草木人間> in Sichuan, China, Leo Wu impressed fans with his toned physique and hyped up the scene by greeting everyone in Sichuan dialect which he was familiar in.

But even more surprising was the fact that in recent interviews, Leo u-turned on his previous “healthy diet” theory when he had denounced bubble tea as “a high-calorie food with zero nutritional benefits”, and instead revealed how he recently realized “how yummy fried chicken and milk tea were”! The star allegedly said he realized how wrong he had been two to three years ago. “I was too wrong, how can life be without these things, they’re simply too delicious”.

Leo’s sudden change in his eating habits was speculated by netizens to be a telltale sign of his being in love and influenced by his dating partner’s dietary habits. With “Leo Wu Drinks Milk Tea” shooting up key terms of search rankings, his former rumored love interests, actresses Rosy Zhao and Julia Xiang (向涵之) were also named as possibly having motivated his sudden change.

Rosy, in particular is known for being a milk tea lover. Though she appeared to have switched to coffee in recent years for fears of weight gain, she was spotted slurping on the beverage while on the set of period drama The Story of Pearl Girl <珠簾玉幕>, which showed that she would still indulge in her favorite beverage occasionally – the coincidence with Leo’s sudden confession sending waves of excitement amongst his and her fans.

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  1. Netizens are so funny. Maybe Leo Wu simply discovered the joys of Frird chicken and milk tea. They are delicious, and should be consumed with moderation, as the expand the waistline.

    1. CP fans are desperate kekekeke.
      I used to join a CP fans group (only allowed access after assessment by the group admin hahahaha) when I was younger where fans shared their discoveries about the pair. I read them with skeptical hope, if there’s such a term.
      Though linking Leo’s new diet preference to romance is far-fetch.

      1. Maybe coz I didn’t this drama of Leo, don’t find them compatible in appearance.