Zhao Lusi to End Agency Contract?

(Above) Zhao Lusi in “The Last Immortal”.

Is post-95 actress Rosy Zhao Lusi (趙露思) ending her contract with her agency Yinhekuyu Media?

Gains Strong Recognition with “Hidden Love”
With no new dramas for a period of 6 months since she wrapped filming for upcoming costume drama The Last Immortal <神隱> in April, fans were concerned about the 24-year-old starlet’s moves.

Shining in a string of hit dramas this year including medical-themed Gen Z <後浪> and Hidden Love <偷偷藏不住> which saw her popularity spike with a highly raved pairing with co-star Chen Zheyuan (陳哲遠), Zhao Lusi was asked about upcoming work plans at a livestream event to which her response about having “no plans” worried fans.

Along speculation that she might have to keep new projects under wraps due to confidentiality clauses, talk soon emerged the star had intended not to renew her contract with Yinhekuyu Media, leading to “retaliatory” action by the agency not to secure new projects for her!
When recent news confirmed that she will be teaming up with The Long Ballad <長歌行> co-star Liu Yuning (劉宇寧) in new historical project The Legend of Jewelry <珠簾玉幕>, fans reacted negatively, and later hit out at her agency for failing to respond to their unhappiness.

Fans Displeased with Tentativeness of “The Legend of Jewelry”

Although The Legend of Jewelry‘s production crew has already made Zhao Lusi and Liu Yuning’s casting official, fans noted how the production team seems to be indecisive as there had been several manpower changes.

They also pointed out that major changes to the script are likely, since the focus is on promoting Liu Yuning, and are concerned about their idol’s role being affected in the final production despite being the lead actress in name.

When Rosy’s studio failed to address their concerns, instead posting a short clip of the star’s happy interactions with a Disney popular character, riled fans expressed their displeasure in the comments. Demanding to know when her contract with Yinhekuyu is up, they hoped she will turn down the “lousy project”. Despite fans’ vehement displeasure, neither the studio nor Rosy herself has provided any updates on the matter.

Source: Upmedia

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  1. I’m so confused by all the news around this drama. I thought this was a female-centric drama? How do fans know that the focus is on promoting Liu Yuning and script changes are likely? Nothing substantial about the drama has even been released. The power and relationship that fandoms have in c-entertainment is kind of scary to me.

  2. Until Zhao Lusi signs with a better agency, no one will manage her in her best interest currently. In fact, the agency she is still currently contracted with can still use her fans to create online negative energy and rumours…
    It is a very ugly industry… I really hope she will sign with a good agency who will manage her, her brand and even guide her fandoms into maturity. Stop the toxic publicity.

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