Cecilia Liu’s Filming Fees for “A Journey to Love”

Achieving impressive reviews and ratings, A Journey to Love <一念關山> is certainly looking to join the list of 2023’s hit dramas. With the series airing to good results, the cast’s earning powers have also been unveiled online – unsurprisingly, lead actress Cecilia Liu Shishi’s (劉詩詩) filming fees were highest among the cast at 2.78 million RMB per episode, which works up to 110 million RMB for the 40-episode production!

Cecilia’s Return to Anchor Post-85 Flowers
Reversing the lukewarm reception of her two previous dramas To Dear Myself <親愛的自己> and My Best Friend’s Story <流金歲月>, Cecilia’s role as a ruthless assassin marks her anticipated return to the small screen after 6 years.

Receiving raving reviews for both her ancient costume styling and countless fight scenes, the drama maintained continued popularity on discussion forums since premiere, and her 2.78 million RMB per episode fees also marks her glorious return to the ranks of leading post-85 flowers.

Liu Yuning Not Deserving of High Filming Fees?

Making a career switch from singing to acting, male lead Liu Yuning (劉宇寧) naturally does not command as astronomical a fee as onscreen partner Cecilia, though the idol’s 1.95 million RMB fee per episode which totalled 78 million RMB for the entire series also shocked many!

As no. 2 male lead in 2021’s The Long Ballad <長歌行> and The Legend of Anle <安樂傳>, netizens were not as convinced of his ability to helm the drama, and were thus taken aback by the high fees, which were way above that of supporting male lead Alen Fang‘s (方逸倫) 930k per episode – given how Alex has already starred in popular dramas like Go Princess Go <太子妃升職記>.

Chen Doling Has Another Standout Performance

Standing out with her role as a villainous empress despite appearing few and far between, actress Chen Duling’s (陳都靈) filming fees at 630k per episode were even lesser than supporting actress He Lan Dou (何藍逗), which made many scratch their heads. However, this was later reasoned to be because both Till the End of the Moon <長月燼明> and Mysterious Lotus Casebook <蓮花樓>, which greatly boosted her standing, have yet to air during the filming of the drama.




Source: Upmedia

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  1. Lawl if this is true, LYN’s fee is as high as BL’s for SOKP, so definitely he does not deserve it. Even if you ignore that, it’s still 3/4 of LSS, who is again a household, if she was not in this production, it won’t be a huge success like it is currently. He must have good agency lol.

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