Tamia Liu and Liu Yuning Engaged in Unbelievable Romance in “Be Your Own Light”

Despite the older-woman, younger-man romance series being all the hype in the last few years, Tamia Liu Tao (劉濤) and Liu Yuning’s (劉宇寧) upcoming Be Your Own Light <做自己的光> is being criticized by netizens. While the broadcasting date has not been set yet, the trailer left many netizens frowning.

In the series, Tamia plays a woman who shoulders a huge debt from her ex-husband while Liu Yuning plays a popular influencer. Although both their characters resemble their own personal lives, fans laughed at the shaky storyline and pointed out that Tamia and Liu Yuning look more like a “mother-son” duo rather than a couple.

Aside from the 11-year age gap between the two leads, many netizens were displeased at how filtered Tamia’s character stills were. Her facial features were so blurry that fans could only make out an extremely pale face shape.

From the trailer, Tamia’s acting appeared rigid, leaving many fans disappointed as her performance in Nirvana in Fire <琅琊榜> was extremely well received. Many believed her acting peaked in 2015 and she has not delivered memorable performances afterward including guest appearance in Hu Ge’s (胡歌) Bright Future <縣委大院>.

With the older-woman, younger-man trope heavily overused, Tamia and Liu Yuning are not the only ones suffering from ridicule. Ming Dao (明道) and Jiang Wenli’s (蔣雯麗) latest series, The Corner of Love <轉角之戀>, was negatively received as well. Even though Yang Mi (楊冪) and Xu Kai (許凱) are popular artistes individually, their relationship in She and Her Perfect Husband <愛的二八定律> left fans shaking their heads.

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  1. The older woman and younger man genie never appeals to me, even thru my hubby is afew years younger then me…Lol…

    I really like Liu Yuning, he has a sad childhood and worked very hard to where he is today. He is a man with stories in his eyes. I watch him sing for years now and always felt he could definitely try his hand with acting…his acting is still raw but he is a hard worker, I trust he will improve steadfastly.

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