Liu Shishi and Liu Yuning Confirmed to Lead “A Journey to Love”

Since her marriage in 2015 and becoming a mother, Cecilia Liu Shishi (刘诗诗) has slowed down her work schedule to dedicate time to her family. Selective in picking projects to star in, Cecilia surprisingly agreed to star in wuxia A Journey to Love <一念關山> alongside rising actor Liu Yuning (刘宇宁).

A Journey to Love is a high-budgeted production planned to begin filming in mid-August. It will be directed by Zou Xi (鄒曦) who worked on Ultimate Note <終極筆記>, and written by screenwriter Zhang Wei (張巍) whose credits include A Dream of Splendor <夢華錄>. While the full plot has yet to be unveiled, Shishi is said to be portraying a capable warrior skilled in martial arts and literary arts.

Shishi’s Fans Lament Over Male Lead Casting

Despite being a well-financed project with a strong production team, there are speculations that Shishi is being used to help promote younger rising star Yuning. The actor had grown in popularity after The Long Ballad <長歌行> and singing drama theme songs. While he shows promising talent, fans still do not consider him to be in the same league as Shishi.

“Shishi’s past co-stars were all A-list caliber–what happened now? Not trying to say Liu Yuning isn’t good, but the difference between her past and current co-star is just too great,” viewers complained . Some felt Shishi’s fame had already peaked, ”She may no longer be able to achieve the same success as Scarlet Heart <步步驚心>.”

While there are some complaints over the casting of Yuning, others point out that his commercial value has greatly skyrocketed. In addition, A Journey to Love is a heroine-focused drama, so there will be less emphasis on the male lead’s screen time.

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  1. Liu shishi hasn’t been acting in so long, so her popularity will obviously go down. Liu Yuning is not very famous, but his acting is okay. I just hope the plot is written well, otherwise it would be bland like “A lost love in times”

  2. Liu Yuning is a very hardworking and passionate singer…I was not surprised to see him getting into acting industry as his singer career is not as sound as it was before. he is no longer a young singer.. and he had a family to support… since he had the right elements to be a actor, why not. His idol/good friend- Richie Ren, is versatile at both too.
    I am looking forward to this pairing…

  3. I like him as a singer, holding my full opinion of him as an actor since I have only sort of watched Long Ballad which I find him very average as a newcomer, slightly better than some of the young idols turned actor out there but he needs to work on his posture, especially in period drama. It is rather common to see tall guys hunching.
    That said, LSS does not have the range as an actress. She does well in one specific kind of role and doubt her eyes will ever become expressive after so many years. So if her role in this new drama is one that she usually does well, then it is probably alright.

  4. I like Liu Yuning from the Chinese variety shows I’ve seen him in. I don’t know how he is as an actor. They look visually good together and are around the same age. It might turn out better than expected.

  5. Liu Yuning is a fine actor. He is not pretentious and has a good sense of humour. I like him.

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