Zhao Lusi Practises Diving for “The Story of Pearl Girl”

Rising to the top of post-95 fadans with her hit dramas, actress Rosy Zhao Lusi’s (趙露思) second-time pairing with Liu Yuning (劉宇寧) in The Story of Pearl Girl <珠簾玉幕> is a highly anticipated one.

Hitting 8 million viewer numbers in less than six hours, the latest teaser shows Zhao Lusi’s character Duan Wu diving into the waters to harvest pearls – an important scene for which she practises diving for six months, impressing production crew and cast!

Ignites War of Words Between Fans on Both Sides

After wrapping work for The Last Immortal <神隱> last April, Rosy had no work engagements till September when she commenced filming for The Story of Pearl Girl – but filming met with hiccups, as the production unit initially failed to settle on an ideal male lead. When Liu Yuning revealed on livestream that he was joining the drama cast to “put out the fire”, he ignited a war of words between fans on both sides, which thankfully died down once filming kicked off.

Rosy revealed during an interview that her character Duan Wu has a tragic life, and even joked that she would be unable to stay strong if she were to meet with the same fate. In the latest teaser, Duan Wu exclaims, “I want freedom”, following which the camera pans to a scene of her at the pearl harvesting scene. Having to work continuously despite being bullied, she makes her escape from the pearl field, eventually meeting Yan Zijing (Liu Yuning) and tags along with him to another city.

There, she makes a stunning debut as a charming dancer, a far cry from her first appearance in the scene as a pearl harvester in tattered, torn clothing.

Wins Praises for Professionalism on Set

In a pivotal scene, Rosy dives personally to the bottom of the sea to harvest pearls. Displaying utmost professionalism despite the freezing weather, she won high praise from the production crew. Appearing to talk about the matter, Rosy’s diving coach shared, “Bringing lots of positive vibes despite her small stature, Rosy is a very conscientious worker, and also cares for others at work.

She took on the diving scenes on her own, held her breath and chose not to put on a nose clip or thicker clothing so that the scene would turn out beautifully. She did not utter a word of complaint despite suffering scratches and bruises, choosing instead to care for those around her, which made us all so concerned, hats off to her!”

In photos shared by netizens previously, Rosy was also seen waiting for the cameras to roll while dripping wet and all geared up. Despite utmost professionalism, she continued stoically with her scenes despite obvious bruises on her knees.

Source: Upmedia

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