Rosy Zhao Sets Fashion Trends

Rising star of C-dramas Rosy Zhao Lusi (趙露思) had a breakout year with last year’s Hidden Love <偷偷藏不住> This year, she teams up with William Chan (陳偉霆) from Novoland: Pearl Eclipse <斛珠夫人> for the new drama Lovers’ Ambition <許我耀眼>!

With fashion modeled after her character Sang Zhi selling out online after Hidden Love‘s success, the actress has unveiled two new contrasting fashion styles for her new dramatic project – an all-black punk look and a pink Barbie look, which left fans high in anticipation for the upcoming dramatic release!

Synopsis of “Lovers’ Ambition”

Fans are delighted by Rosy and William’s “accidental” chemistry at the drama’s preview.

A novel-to-screen adaptation, Rosy sheds her sweet girl image to play Xu Yan, a character with a troubled family background who is intelligent, clear-headed, and cunning. As a well-known TV host, Xu Yan’s glamorous appears hides childhood trauma from being abandoned by her parents. After years of struggling alone, she finally makes a name for herself in the big city. To marry her wealthy boyfriend “Shen Haoming” (William), however, she fabricates a web of lies. Though she successfully marries into the Shen family, their differing backgrounds and values leads to their separation.

Losing her job after their divorce, Xu Yan is faced with failure on both career and romantoc fronts, but quickly bounces back; meanwhile Shen Haoming realizes he has deeply fallen in love with Xu Yan, and begins his long journey to win her back.

Strong Commercial Prowess

Previously charming viewers with her adorable schoolgirl role in hit romantic drama Hidden Love, the actress recently admits feeling no longer suited for school dramas, making Hidden Love her last in that genre.

Unveiling two new styles that are a drastic departure from her previous looks, Rosy delights fans with an all-black punk style, as well as another all-pink Barbie look, which has fans calling her a “real Asian Barbie”. While her new drama has yet to air, and her various sophisticated looks have already been well-received, with online merchants and sellers pivoting on “Zhao Lusi’s Xu Yan look” to move their goods, demonstrating Rosy’s excellent commercial appeal.

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