Zhao Lusi’s Xianxia Foray in “The Last Immortal”

(Above): Zhao Lusi dressed in an exquisite orange-yellow costume complete with wings, her phoenix-like aura exciting viewers and fans.

Slated to premier on December 11, fantasy drama The Last Immortal <神隱> starring post-95 actresses Rosy Zhao Lusi (趙露思) and Wang Anyu (王安宇) has hit the 3 million reservations mark, and is eagerly anticipated by fans. Being the actress’s first foray into the fantasy drama genre, fan anticipation was pushed to new heights by the stunning effects and costumes showcased in the trailer!

Fans Hyped Over Rosy’s First Xianxia Foray

Adapted from novel Hidden God by Chinese author Ling Xing (零星), The Last Immortal is also a sequel to Xu Kai (許凱) and Zhou Dongyu‘s (周冬雨) Ancient Love Poetry <千古玦塵>. The story follows the son of a true god, Gu Jin (Wang Anyu 王安宇), who accidentally finds a playful and spirited Shuining beast A Yin (Zhao Lusi). Accompanied by the fox demon Hong Yi (Li Yunrui 李昀銳) and the eagle clan princess Yan Shuang, they embark on a journey to collect fragments of Fengyin’s immortal spirit, facing numerous challenges and harvesting love, friendship, and family in the process, all while trying to preserve worldly peace.

Master-Servant Contract Develops into Romance

The latest trailer has already surpassed one million views. In it, Gu Jin finds A Yin, and they establish a master-servant contract. However, A Yin refuses to obey Gu Jin, not only wanting to stew him for food but also getting caught reading a book titled “How to Tame My Master!” Their tumultuous yet comical relationship is strengthened when the two venture into the mountains, with Gu Jin going to great lengths to protect A Yin, even getting injured to the point of vomiting blood, and A Yin’s feelings for him deepens as a result.

Teasing the grand wedding scene between the central couple, Wang Anyu is seen confessing, “Even if there’s no master-servant contract, can we have a marriage contract to always be together?” However, after A Yin transforms back into Feng Yin, she seems to forget their promise, infuriating Gu Jin. Notably, Zhao Lusi uses her real voice in The Last Immortal, purposefully differentiating the characters as lively and cute for A Yin’s and adopting a cool queenly tone as Feng Yin, earning praise from netizens for the contrast!

Debuting in 2017 with costume drama Untouchable Lovers <鳳囚凰>, she quickly attained the status of a leading post-95 actress, winning recognition for both her visuals and acting skills.

Watch Trailer for “The Last Immortal”:

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