William Chan Sports Raw, Masculine Image in “Bursting Point”

Dropping his usual handsome image, William Chan (陳偉霆) was seen sporting a raw, masculine look for Bursting Point <爆裂點>. In the movie, William had bruises and scars all over his body in his fight scenes. With talk comparing William’s performance to Nick Cheung’s (張家輝)  award-winning role in Unbeatable <激戰>, there is a high chance William has a shot at Best Actor in the Hong Kong Film Awards.

With hard work and dedication, William’s popularity in China has been consistently high. To take part in Bursting Point, William was willing to forgo multimillion-dollar projects in China to pursue the breakthrough role.

William refused to use stunt doubles during his filming and was beaten black and blue. Due to the number of gory scenes, Bursting Point was released with a R rating. In one of the scenes where Philip Keung (姜皓文) forced William into a headlock, William recalled, “We used two different cameras for that scene – one to film the upper shot and one to film the lower position. One videographer stood in the mud to capture the scene and to make it look more realistic. We ended up covered in mud – it was really hard to clean after filming the scene. But it’s most important the scene came out well – it was actually a lot of fun filming this!”

In the finale, William was set to fight against an actor who played a mixed-martial arts fighting champion. Since the actor was fairly new and lacked experience, he was unable to control the force of his punches. As a result, William was punched with real brute force.

Praised for his toned physique despite his bruised look in Bursting Point, William explained, “The director wanted me to slim down so I had to cut out carbs. To think I got myself this thin – being an undercover cop sure is hard work!”

“Bursting Point” Trailer

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  1. This is the movie where Nick said William may be a drama actor for many years but he is skills before this movie was still not adequate but he has good foundation to build on. William said Nick helped him alot with his character in this movie. I can see the difference. I think in HK, what makes HK movie great is their ability to really feel free to express their emotions. There is not idol baggages. It is just pure acting. they laugh hard, cry hard and fight hard but not over dramatic. I really enjoy watching HK project filmed by the old guys who have experience so much in their early days. HK artistes those decades ago have gone thru so much sh*t to earn their place in the industry.
    I hope to watch William’s skill grow…

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