Angelababy’s Hilariously Awkward Reaction at Event with William Chan

Fundraising gala BAZAAR Stars’ Charity Night 2021 accidentally “united” many former celebrity couples, leading to “oops” moments of embarrassment onstage! Seen at the same event were William Chan (陈伟霆), who dated Angelababy (楊穎) from 2005 to 2009 and Charlene Choi (蔡卓妍), who was with William from 2010 to 2015.

Yang Mi Saves The Day
on stage
Likely oblivious to the inner turmoil of the celebrities, host Hua Shao (华少) and actor Li Xian (李现) did “gentlemanly” gesture of signaling for Angelababy to take the central position stage, which she was understandably reluctant to, given that William was standing right beside.

Ignoring the two’s well-intentioned request and standing rooted at where she was, the actress smiled with embarrassment and twirled around awkwardly at where she stood while holding up her pompous floral gown.

Angelababy’s genuinely awkward reaction

Luckily for her, actress Yang Mi (杨幂), who had earlier entered the scene with William, her co-star in Novoland: Pearl Eclipse <斛珠夫人>, resolved the tension by walking over to take the place. Meanwhile, netizens were already having a field day ‘attacking’ Li Xian online for his lack of knowledge about the web of relationships in entertainment, commenting “are you foolish or what?”

Another of William’s ex, Charlene also remained seated at the table throughout with other half of TWINS Cantopop group Gillian Choi (鍾欣潼), ‘conveniently’ avoiding any interactions with him.

A Meeting of Rumored Couples and Ex-es
Beside all the tensions, this year’s fundraising dinner was also lambasted by fans, who felt that the multi-colored lighting and gaudy décor could scarcely match up to the celebrities’ classy outfits. Yang Mi’s black gown was the most well-received by netizens, and even trended on widely searched rankings.

As everyone was busy positi0ning themselves on stage, netizens noticed how Vin Zhang (張彬彬) and Jing Tian (景甜) who created sparks onscreen in Rattan <司腾>, chose to chat happily with each other at a corner. Besides William-Angelababy-Charlene, another two rumored couples, Yang Yang (楊洋) and Victoria Song (宋茜) as well as Li Xian and Elaine Zhong (鍾楚曦) also chose to remain low-profile, and did not have much interactions throughout.

Yang Mi and William Chan, leads in “Novoland: Pearl Eclipse”.









Netizens noted that Gillian Chung was finally able to slim down!
Ada Choi and husband Max Zhang, loving as ever!
Zhang Binbin locking hands with Jing Tian sweetly as they went onstage.









Source: Sinchew Online 

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    1. @snoopy The 2nd male lead is supposed to be the main male lead? My friend told me that in the book he’s the one that got together with her and had kids together. Maybe they changed the script to make William Chan the main male lead cuz he is more popular?

  1. They parted ways so long ago, could have stood graciously together and pose for a picture, then get the top position of ‘hot search’ hahaha…

  2. hahaha what is this High School or kindergarten? They are grown up ppl of course they don’t care, they could have been standing next to each other, confusion might have come from poor organization who stands where.

  3. Why should this be Li Xian’s issue? Didn’t know he needs to track everyone single person’s dating history.
    Besides if the actresses are so uncomfortable, they shouldn’t even attend the event if everyone else needs to tiptoe around the former couples.
    And I never quite get William’s appeal or his acting.

    1. ikr, some fans can be so unbelievably unreasonable.

      I liked William in Mystic Nine, haven’t watched much of his acting so can’t comment on that.

    2. @BearBear @Alexis , I watched a number of William’s dramas in the past…it much be so unmemorable as I dont remember the impression I had..Not a single opinion popped out of my head… It must be so flat…. Not Good nor was it bad..just flat..

      1. Oh, I see. Yeah, probably just normal, nothing too impressive nor horrible. He did look really dashing in Mystic Nine tho!

      2. I’m currently watching his newest drama “Novoland” (now until ep 6) because the posters were too pretty to ignored. Frankly , William Chan’s acting is like dead fish, even his eyes are like dead fish, can’t emote any emotions. His face is not suitable for ancient drama but in the drama, he’s always wearing a very cool mask that covers half of his face which means covers his unattractive face. Making it bearable to watch him. Meanwhile, the dubbing also saves him because his voice dub actor is good.
        The second male is overshadowing him in terms of acting & looks. Never seen the 2nd ML before but he’s an eye candy! He reminds me of Wallace Huo in certain angles. The second male is reason why I keep watching Novoland.
        Overall, I can say it was a miscast for the Male & Female lead. They should either find a younger actress or older actor for these lead roles. And yeah, the set is breathtaking just like the posters!!

      3. @snoopy The 2nd male lead is supposed to be the main male lead? My friend told me that in the book he’s the one that got together with her and had kids together. Maybe they changed the script to make William Chan the main male lead cuz he is more popular?

      4. @Hohliu @Alexis to be honest, I don’t recall sitting through an entire series which he has participated though it may not be a fault of his, the plot or other factors could have been not enticing enough. However, I don’t understand his popularity surge. To be fair, there are far worse acting and/or worse looking actors than him taking the leading roles and compared to his former girlfriend (that I only find out now they once dated), his acting is way better than AB. So if she can repeatedly cast as the leading character, why not him.
        Only saw clips of Mystic-9, was more interested in Lay but I didn’t know him back then, hahaha but since I only saw video clips, cannot comment too much if my view of William would have been different.

      5. @Snoopy How old are the leading characters supposed to be? All I know is that the female lead calls the male lead as “teacher” then I look at YM and William and was like “really?” with the assumption that the teacher is meant to be older among both. Both look matured with YM looking older.
        I have an issue with artists using voice actors to overcome their bad acting or if they cannot even say their lines properly.

  4. Was it a bad breakup? I don’t even remember them dating. But though William’s acting has lot of room for improvement, he seems like a nice and friendly guy. I don’t like to watch his work but i do like to see him on variety shows.

    1. I read from another website, that it will be even more awkward if Zhao Li Ying came to the charity because she was the one who caused William Chan & Ah Sa to breakup.

  5. @Sabrina Is that so!? I don’t know because I didn’t read the book. I think it would so much better if the king ended up with the female lead, Yang Mi, because William Chan is giving out pedophilia feeling instead of romantic feeling….very uncomfortable…

  6. @BearBear I also curious to know their age. I think the ML & the King should be much older than the FL. This is because the ML saved the FL when she was a teenager that looks like 12yrs old. Actually it was very weird watching William & YM together because William is giving out pedophilia feeling and, yet, him & YM looks about the same age. In the drama, William got another disciple and that guy looks older than him, another weird point. Meanwhile, YM using her real voice is not helping too. She sounded mature for a young maiden.

    1. Sounds like the FL at least should still be relatively young after “growing up” or any point, nowhere near the matured looking YM or the ML should be older.
      It’s time for these matured looking actresses/ actors to stop taking roles where they are meant to be youngster.
      In one of the shorter clip, I saw YM dressing up as a male. Reminds me of her recent last 2 period roles.
      Should I be asking why pedophilia? The more I heard/read about this drama, the more I am staying away from it, haha.

  7. @BearBear Btw, AB can repeatedly cast as FL is because she has a very wealthy husband to back her up. It was known that Huang Xiao Ming used his own agency to promote AB from a “Leng Mo” in HK to a well known star in China.

    1. So sick and tired seeing so-called actors/actresses who can’t act yet are cast as leading characters. Lucky her to have a wealthy husband with good networking in the industry…unfortunately for us.

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