William Chan Grows Up After Break-up with Angelababy

Since the end of last year, rumors have circulated that William Chan Wai Ting and model, Angelababy, broke off their five year relationship. William admitted that his spirits plummeted to a low point. “At every function, reporters would ask about Angelababy. It was exhausting facing the same question each time.”

When William’s spirits were at their lowest point, he confided in Dash, the bassist for Hong Kong rock band, Mr. “We don’t always have a chance to see each other, but we will call to see how things are. We entered the entertainment industry in the same year.” William joined Sun Boy’z in 2006 and went solo in 2008. “Since we were both born in the 1980s, we have a lot to talk about!”

Did William and Dash talk about girls all the time? “You will not believe how innocent our conversation was! I sat in his room until dawn. There was no drinking involved! We talked about cars and music. I always had an interest in bands and electric guitars. Perhaps, one day we will have a dance and band performance together.

In addition, William filmed seven movies over the last several months. “At one point, I did not sleep for sixty hours! My new music album will be released in April. This album contains an upbeat collection of songs.  I am filming the music video for the song, ‘Do You Wanna Dance?’ which has outer space as the backdrop.”

Among young male singers, William had the most opportunities in the film industry. He will be filming two new movies. “In ‘戀人歲月’, my character will fall in love with my stepmother. In ‘得閒炒飯’, I will play Vivian Chow Wai Mans boyfriend, who is younger than her by a dozen years. It’s all very twisted!” In the past, William said that it was difficult to extricate from his former roles. “I always had romantic roles. I would love to play a gangster—talking bluntly like my true self!”

William’s most memorable role was not with Charlene Choi in “美麗密令.”He said, “The most memorable was filming a love scene with Michelle Wai in ‘前度.’ We filmed the entire love-making process! It was very bold! Fortunately, Michelle and I belong to the same company. We are good friends and were not embarrassed during filming.”

William is growing up and becoming a man. Of course he had to try new things. William’s spoke about three recent experiences that made him feel more manly:

Buying an Audi TT

In 2009, William bought his first sports car, a $380,000 (HKD) Audi TT. “I felt very manly when I signed to purchase the car. My career has climbed to a certain point and I had enough money to afford this car.” Every month, William will even give his family some money for living expenses.

Catching a Thief

“When I was a young boy, I didn’t have the guts to confront thieves. [Two years ago] in Causeaway Bay, I saw a group of youngsters crowding another group, beating them up for a cell phone. I ran after the thief for several blocks and caught him. Then I called the police. Thinking back, the situation was quite dangerous.”

Going to the USA Alone

Early in his career, William took his backpack and flew to the USA. He took dancing lessons from Justin Timberlakes dance choreographer, Shane Sparks. “It was the first time I traveled such a great distance alone. I had to take care of all matters by myself, so it was a great learning experience!”

Admiring Louis Koo

William considers Overheard (竊聽風雲) co-star, Louis Koo Tin Lok,  to be the most manly. “He taught me to go jogging on a daily basis to stay fit. I tried it for a week and couldn’t keep it up. But Louis taught me that in order to be a man and become successful, you need a strong will and follow through with things!”

Source Face Weekly #150

Jayne: William Chan is indeed very blunt. I find some of his comments to be quite amusing; one of the more entertaining personalities out there. A very good dancer too, but will his “young boy” looks ever mature into a real man?

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