Angelababy’s Social Media Account is Reactivated

Since last summer, Angelababy (楊穎) was blacklisted and censored by the Chinese government after being caught watching BLACKPINK Lisa’s 19+ rated Crazy Horse Paris performance. Angelababy’s social media and video sharing platform accounts were locked out and she had no work scheduled. After three grueling months, Angelababy’s accounts were reactivated yesterday. However, she continued to keep a low profile and has not updated her social media.

It was rumored Angelababy would be removed from the blacklist on February 4 and her drama Everlasting Longing <相思令> may be broadcast soon. Many were elated by the news and hope the airing of the drama will help Angelabay regain her popularity.

Unfortunately, not all have the same treatment. Actress Jenny Zhang Jiani (張嘉倪) was also caught watching Lisa’s performance and remains blacklisted. Some pointed out Angelababy was spotted slipping quietly into the performance venue, but Jenny very publicly posted on social media about her attendance. It is said Jenny would be blacklisted for at least one year.

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  1. So harsh..the price to be a celebrity is high in China… so many unseen regulations that can just cut you off unknowingly.

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