Angelababy is Not in “Keep Running” Special Season

Angelababy was rumored to have watched BLACKPINK Lisa’s Crazy Horse performance in Paris. Due to the lascivious nature of the strip show, there was an uproar in China. Although Crazy Horse already clarified Angelababy was not in attendance, the actress appears to be in the process of being blacklisted.

Angelababy has been a regular on variety show Keep Running<奔跑吧> for years, but the production crew has just announced she will not be filming for the special season from October 12 to 15.

While speculation spread over why Angelababy was not included in the special season, her studio clarified she had scheduling conflicts. Many netizens are not convinced by reason provided. Her fans also argued filming for the special season of Running Man is not mandatory and is open to cast members who are free to participate.

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  1. So it does not mean she is no longer a member of Keep Running team… as it will be sad if she is removed for silly reasons or media play. I am use to seeing her on the team.

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