Ye Ke Staying in Angelababy’s Former Bedroom?

Ending his 7-year marriage to Angelababy in 2022, Chinese actor Huang Xiaoming (黃曉明) was quickly linked with new romantic interests including Ye Ke (葉珂), the latest development in their on-off relationship being the two spotted at the airport together, which put the stop to breakup rumors!

As the topic of the two as a couple surged up search rankings, it has fueled a new wave of gossip. Ye Ke’s family background was unearthed to praise by netizens – her family is said to own many businesses – making her a good match for Huang Xiaoming, as talk online pivoted to the two as an official couple in a stable relationship.

Ye Ke Goes High Profile Over Romance
Ye Ke was said to have started being active on her socials recently, and allegedly posted a series of 9 videos consecutively which showed views of her bedroom, while claiming that she was “testing out” her account. Sharp-eyed netizens pointed out that she appears to have moved into the bedroom which was previously Huang Xiaoming and ex-wife Angelababy’s, as the landmark Oriental Pearl TV Tower was visible from the window.

The influencer had previously exposed her home, which attracted attention and were compared by netizens to similar photos posted by Angelababy; where the Oriental Pearl TV Tower could also be seen. It was deduced that the two were likely living in the same area – yet with more details of Ye Ke’s home exposed this time around, netizens are conjecturing if Ye Ke has sped things up in the relationship by moving in to Huang Xiaoming’s master bedroom, as seen in her recent posts!

Source: WorldJournal

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