Huang Xiaoming Is Still Dating Ye Ke

Huang Xiaoming (黃曉明) and influencer Ye Ke (葉珂) were recently rumored to have broken up as he was seen partying at a bar with supposed new love interest Zhao Shijin (趙仕瑾). The rumors were shot down when Huang Xiaoming and Ye Ke were seen at the airport on their way to an international vacation.

Ye Ke had previously responded online to the dating allegations saying, “Don’t talk nonsense–we both have new lives.” The public assumed the pair was fighting as Huang Xiaoming did not want to make their relationship public.

After seeing them travel together, netizens quickly changed their tune saying, “They haven’t split! Their relationship must be quite stable for them to travel together.”

Some netizens felt divorce was the best change for Huang Xiaoming as his career is back on the rise and he would no longer be affected by his ex-wife, Angelababy. His fans feel he is a good match with Ye Ke. Netizens remarked, “This girl is more pure and prettier than Angelababy” and “Although Ye Ke is an influencer, she is beautiful and rich. She has many businesses including clothing stores and medical beauty spas. She is a good match for him.”

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Huang Xiaoming’s New Girlfriend Looks Like Angelababy

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  1. Maybe she not only look his type, she is also happy to just be his quiet support, be with him on his free days and make him feel like a man again. I am not saying AB is not good, I bet she is a great woman too. Just more career minded and head strong for him. Such things are not uncommon. There is no wrong of right to such relationships. Many relationship breaks down due to these reasons. I bet the famous Song-Song marriage breakup was similar. What a man wants as a boyfriend and husband may just change.

    1. Hi Ho, how much money do you make from Zhao Liying paying you to say these things? How come every time fake news say her ex husband moved on, and there isn’t even any evidence at all, you keep saying he’s a scum and Zhao the trash is innocent? CLEARLY, Huang Xiaoming has scandals with countless women with tons of evidence, and it’s super ok since he’s looking for a caring woman since ABB cannot fulfill her wife duties? WOW! ABB does not even take as many projects as Zhao the trash, after birth ABB slowed down even more. Besides, ABB actually tolerated her marriage for many years unlike that trash. All these news about HXM, he brought it upon himself for going around with women and being caught by paparazzi. All the news about FSF are falsely created by his trashy ex defaming him. This type of different treatments is very disgusting.

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