Huang Xiaoming Introduces New Girlfriend to Friends

Announcing their divorce last year, Huang Xiaoming (黃曉明) and Angelababy (楊穎)  ended their seven years of marriage. Although both attended Weibo Night last week, they acted like strangers with zero interaction.

Xiaoming took off his jacket for Li Bingbing (李冰冰), but completely ignored Angelababy who was sitting in the row behind him. In turn, she talked to Yang Mi (楊冪) the entire time. Knowing any interactions would be magnified by the media, the ex-couple preferred to not make eye contact at all.

Dating influencer Ye Ke (葉珂) for one year, Xiaoming has welcomed her in his life. They have already met each other’s parents and moved in together. Ye Kewas even seen wearing a diamond ring the size of a pigeon’s egg!

Yesterday, a photo of Xiaoming and Ye Ke leaked onto the Internet. He had brought her to meet his friends, which is  surprising since Huang Xiaoming is a very careful person. It appears they are in a steady relationship, and he is not afraid of letting his friends meet her.

While her ex-husband has moved on romantically, Angelababy has been focusing on her filming projects. A regular on variety show Keep Running <奔跑吧>, she will also be starring in upcoming historical drama Everlasting Longing <相思令> with Song Weilong (宋威龙). Sharing costume fitting photos on social media, she playfully captioned it with “I heard people are waiting for me?” In response, netizens praised Angelababy for her pure beauty.

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Huang Xiaoming’s New Girlfriend Looks Like Angelababy

Huang Xiaoming’s Net Worth is Estimated at 5 Billion Yuan

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  1. Rarely broken marriage/love relationship will result in good friendship. I dont know what caused them to breakup…but it clearly was quite bad for them to ignore each other.

    1. They were never meant to last anyway. I remember when they first become an item, everyone was just talking about how they will break up. They lasted a lot longer than what people expected, is it because they truly love each other or just that they need to run the charade to the end, who knows ‘\o.o/‘

      Though I think once she gave birth, it seems his attitude towards her changed. And I would think it’s understandable. For the first child, as much as you might have helper, but if your husband don’t step up, help with the night feed, be understanding, helping out, be a total support, be there just to be yelled at by your partner but ok and understand it’s because of her tiredness, stress, hormones, whatever. Then at the end of all that, continually show you don’t have a change of heart. If he just ever has the “there are other fishes in the sea” then their relationship will just break down.

      This is just my speculation, since I think they have break up rumour when she took her son to a theme park alone without him. Even if you fight, if you have the time and the money, both partner take their kid to a theme park or a play is crucial for a child. For him to miss it, it’s definitely spell trouble in paradise lol

      1. I always felt this couple reminded me of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes…. As Huang Xiaoming really gush alot publicly about how he loved AB, just as Tom Cruise did towards Katie Holmes. But their relationships did not last…
        I find your speculation on their relationship changing due to them having a child could have hit a spot… but we would never know for sure. Both are respectful to each other enough not to air dirty laundry in public. I respect that.

      2. Tom and Katie is scary. Did you watch the YouTube videos about them? All I have to say was I have massive respect for Katie after learning more about it lol. As much as I like Tom in movie, though not so invested anymore, watch them because it’s there, but don’t care for any of them. Not even the latest top gun that people is so in love with. Sure the flight scenes are great but lol, the storyline or that love storyline is such cliche inducing =_= I rolled my eyes at the ending lol. He’s basically ranking the same as Jackie chan for me, idm watching their movies because it’s decent, I appreciate their acting because it’s good (JC’s voice in ninjago is gold lol), but as a human being, ~_~

      3. @LittleFish I am with you on the Jackie Chan bit too…in fact, I rather not even watch him. As a human, he is really a loser… Tom and him are similar, their kids are not as important as themselves… Both men did not contact their own daughters….

    2. Everyone wanted to fan the flames between the two of them lol. I felt bad for both. Angelababy was apparently only sitting a row or two behind WXM (I read about this, didn’t see this myself) and they were deliberately trying to ignore each other the whole night.

      This is the 2nd time I’ve seen a couple who spent major bucks on a wedding not end up getting married. I don’t know if that’s good stats or whatever, but I think the saying is that the flashier the wedding is, the less likely they’ll last. Might be some truth there…

      1. Media love to fan flames… But this ex-couple are handling it very maturely and professionally. I really admire that.

  2. The article is meant to focus on Huang’s new relationship not his last divorce. I don’t think they are ignoring each other as much trying to subdue the media so they don’t write reconcilation rumors if they do greet each other, but I can be wrong. Not everyone is Deborah and Patrick Tse. It is vicious when people say “And they spent how much on the wedding?!” I am pretty sure they didn’t say to themselves “Let’s spend 500 million USD or whatever amount on our wedding only to get divorced 7 years later.” One thing I do wanna say though is that Angelababy is now 34 and Huang is 46, this timing would have worked out better than when he married her in 2015 and she was 26 and he was 38. He started dating her in 2009, which made her 20 and him 32. She wasn’t even out of college yet.

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