Huang Xiaoming’s Net Worth is Estimated at 5 Billion Yuan

A power couple of the Chinese entertainment industry, Huang Xiaoming (黃曉明) and Angelababy  (楊穎) tied the knot in an US$31 million-dollar wedding in 2015 . With their gorgeous looks and successful careers, their marriage was considered a fairytale romance in many eyes. Their picture-perfect union was made even more perfect after welcoming their son in 2017.

However, the couple has been barraged by rumors of trouble in their marriage in recent years. Although the couple denied marital discord on several occasions, and Angelababy was photographed wearing her 5-carat diamond ring, the couple officially announced their divorce through a joint statement on January 28 on Weibo.

Huang Xiaoming Invested in 60 Companies

While recent celebrity divorces have resulted in ugly slanders from both sides, Xiaoming and Angelababy reached a peaceful agreement to not split their assets. Managing their own finances independently since getting married, both already have more riches than they can spend in their lifetimes. Investing in 60 companies, Xiaoming’s net worth is estimated to be valued at 5 billion Chinese yuan (approximately US$786 million), while Angelababy has invested in three companies.

Possessing a Midas Touch, Xiaoming is extremely successful in his investments, which range from stocks, real estate, medical care, restaurants and golf resorts. “I am not the best one, but I am the one who works hardest,” the actor said.

Xiaoming’s status as an A-list actor in China did not come easily. It was through many years of hard work and fortunate opportunities that he slowly made his way from supporting actor to main lead. After his breakthrough in 2001’s The Prince of Han Dynasty <大漢天子>, he subsequently participated in many hit dramas such as My Fair Princess III <還珠格格3>; The Return of the Condor Heroes <神鵰俠侶>, Shang Hai Bund <新上海灘>, and Royal Tramp <鹿鼎記>. He gained further success through films Ip Man 2 (葉問) and American Dreams in China <中國合伙人>.

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Huang Xiaoming and Angelababy Officially Announce Their Divorce

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  1. If she is cruel, she can run away with lots of his asset. If they’re not splitting it then he gets to keep everything the same. Hate her but it’s not easy to accuse her of scandling him into a marriage.

    1. I’m not biased with either. Out of curiosity, why is it just her? Why can’t it be the other way around? Or both?

      1. Nobody knows if she’s born rich. He’s already really successful in the industry by 2008 with well-known dramas such as HZGGIII, ROCH, and Shanghai Bund. What people are sure of, he is rich and more successful than her when they dated around 2008 (dated 6 years before telling the public in early 2014). She started acting in 2006 but didn’t get that known until the 2010s. So she is seen as the girl who used and relied on him. If a Chinese woman can get a man to marry her on paper in China, she will get lots of his assets after a divorce. He will even pay a lot for child support. Since she’s leaving the assets as it is, she’s not taking advantages of him. Other actresses and women, if they come from a lower background, they will accuse the richer family of belittling them, divorces him and steals his assets. Surprisingly, ABB does not do any of that to HXM. He should have shown more appreciation.

    2. Hate her how much you want but she is not taking a penny from him. It has been announced that divorce has been finalized, they are separated for 2 years, no business ties and no separation of assets, clean split. I don’t think she is particularly talented only beautiful but in my eyes she just grew few inches.

    3. ahh, I see. Since ABB didn’t take any of HXM assets, why do you hate her?
      Sry if this is right below your first comment. Can’t find the reply button on your 2nd comment.)

      1. I guess this is not the question for me but Freekey. I do not hate her on the contrary I admire her how she handled her divorce. I think she is beautiful and elegant albeit not really talented actress, but still comes across as down to earth personality which I like. I referred to the first comment using same expression of speech he did.

      2. No I don’t hate her, everyone hates her too much so I’m just saying that to them. The second they announced this divorce, first thing media dares to say is how much she swindled from him. Really not like what I had seen with the other recent actress who just divorced a rich man, the media really sympathizes her and constantly scorns him as the scum and his mother as the old fashion devil. She literally spitted their huge assets in half and they still get the shorter side of the cake online as well, double ouch for them. I think HXM is lucky that ABB is very kind, the only mean things people are saying about him are only the things they can quote from him. If he’s going to be mad, he should think about that other man who did nothing wrong, but the media constantly accuses him of every crime without a little bit of evidence. Some women are real victims, but there are some women who are not and if they pull that victim card, the men will be dead. I think ABB is kind and doesn’t take advantage of her gender and lower social status to hurt others.

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