Huang Xiaoming and Angelababy Officially Announce Their Divorce

Huang Xiaoming (黃曉明) and Angelababy (楊穎) officially announced their divorce on January 28, ending their six-year marriage. The couple promised they would always be a family for the sake of their son. The two settled upon an agreement that there would be no division of assets, no fight over the custody of their son, and no bad mouthing each other. 

At their glamorous wedding in 2015, Xiaoming made a vow to spoil Angelababy for the rest of her life as a princess. Aside from his own mother, Xiaoming admitted that Angelababy was the woman he treated the best in his life.

However, the power couple’s marriage slowly eroded over time. Divorce rumors grew rampant over the past two years, as Xiaoming and Angelababy rarely attended events together and interacted on social media. They were always ambiguous when asked about the state of their marriage.

Did Not Tell Their Son About the Divorce

Yesterday, the couple announced that their marriage has indeed come to an end. “Thank you for all that you have done in the past. We will always be a family,” both wrote the same message on their Weibo accounts.

The decision to get divorced was not on a whim. They stopped living together for two years, but had tried to reconcile their relationship. After finally deciding that separating would be best, they worked together to settle the divorce terms peacefully.

Xiaoming and Angelababy do not plan to tell their son about the divorce at the moment, because they want him to grow up in a healthy and complete environment. While the pair intends to share joint custody, their son is currently under the care of Xiaoming’s parents.

Both possessing successful careers, Xiaoming and Angelababy kept their finances separate even after marriage. Not wanting any scandals to take place, they decided upon no division of assets as both are already millionaires from their successful careers.

Agencies Respond  

Xiaoming and Angelababy’s agencies clarified that the divorced ended on good terms, and issued the following statement, “They are currently handling the paperwork for their divorce. They will continue to raise their son together. In order to protect their family and avoid excessive disturbance in the public, they will not be responding to this matter anymore. We reserve the right to pursue any legal responsibilities for those who spread inaccurate rumors.” 

Huang Xiaoming and Angelababy Continue to Work

Although the public announcement of their divorce is still fresh, the pair already had some time to emotionally adjust to their single status while continuing prioritize their careers. 

Xiaoming is currently filming in China. Remaining very focused and calm throughout the day, Xiaoming did not let the divorce affect his work ethic. 

As for Angelababy, she is also working in China at the moment, and is reportedly handling the divorce well. Spending the majority of the past two years alone, Angelababy has been increasing her workload to earn more money for herself and dropped significant weight from overworking. “If there are no changes, I should be working over the Lunar New Year. If the crew decides to go on vacation, then I will go home to Shanghai to celebrate with my family,” she said.  

Even though the timing of the divorce is exactly one month before Angelababy’s 33rd birthday, the date was not deliberately chosen. Coincidentally, they had their paperwork and legal documents cleared and completed yesterday. Both hope to enter the Lunar New Year with a fresh start. 


This article is written by Hailey for

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  1. When I saw this, I just yawned. I knew it was just a matter of time before they made an official announcement. There is a super, super high profile HK couple who are also nothing more thsn a cash cow business, and wifey is seeing her younger, handsome jogging partner. Hubby is so laid back he does not let her affairs faze him. He just plays the loving husband by her side when he has to in public. Maybe one day, they too might stop lying to the public.
    Maybe, we might get an announcrment from two BL ons
    onscreen couples who are passsionately in love with each other offscreen as well. Lots more to come, get out the popcorn.

    1. What makes me shake my head is how HX has threatened to sue if people continue to write and spread malicious gossip that him and ABB are divorcing. Makes me angry when they want to bully, threaten and harass netizens and the media for stating the truth. Huang Xiaoming is well known for doing these things.The other couple has not been discussed cause they are powerful and no one wants to go there. They are considered royalty in HK circles.They will stay married though and the elegant, posh wife will continue to younger, handsome fit men discretely cause hubby could care less. 2022 is a year of reveals.

      1. Curious about the “royal” HK couple you have mentioned.
        I can understand if the speculations are fake and the couple gets offended to be “cursed” but it’s disgusting when a couple is either having marital problems or been separated or divorced and still earning an income as “a loving couple”.

      2. It’s too bad they are calling it quit. Whatever the reason is – it’s still very unfortunate. I hope I’m wrong about the HK’s couple you are “talking” about. I think they are both very famous. He is 59 and she is 55.

      3. Are you afraid they might come after you? If so why did your bring it up when you ave no intention of revealing who that (so called ) Royalty couple is. Don’t write half story when you don’t have the guts to finish telling the thing.

      4. @Renren I just realised which couple you may mean.. So many protected news in the industry…the Powerful stars can really put tight lids on them. Well, if such arrangements works for them, it may be better. Sometimes at their age, companion is more important…

      5. I would feel very sad if it is Tony and Carina as they have been together since 1989 which is over 30 years. They have a long history and have been through a lot together. I don’t think they need to study together to earn money since they both make big bucks individually already. I truly hope it is not them though. I have loved them since the 80s and am rewatching Police Cadet now. They played siblings but were very sweet to each other.

      6. @BrieChung89,
        My guess they don’t want to reveal names is because they want to act like know more but will not tell. But honestly even if names are revealed, it is no big deal since it would still be considered gossip. The only thing that can tell is time. I doubt any famous or big name celebrities would ever come to this site so people are free to say what they want and not face any consequences.

  2. All of these post-85s fadans are getting divorced, wonder whose gonna be next? I always felt this couple was too high profile and attention seeking with the century wedding and everything. AB was just seen wearing her wedding ring not long ago and now they announce divorce. I don’t see the point in creating all this hype.

    1. Looks like she didn’t expect he would want them to reveal their secretive divorce right after she posted the ring, if she saw that coming maybe she wouldn’t post it. Another Huang Bin’s ex artist (ZLY), also vacay with her spouse before revealing divorce the next week after. Another Huang Bin’s ex artist (KW) also ends up in jail. Huang Bin taught picked the right artists and taught them well, they have similarities. They also get along and protect each other. Remember when ZLY swore to never work with The Restaurant and accuse them of malicious editing, HXM spoke up for her. Don’t see him doing that for his wife.

    2. Exactly. guess they get so used to lying to the masses that it is second nature to them. They should just keep quiet.

  3. I am very saddened by this new but it is not a surprise… I really had hoped their marriage would have weathered the storm…
    There will definitely be rumours going around… but China is definitely a Country that moderates such online rumours better than many other Places.. Their media are getting more controlled.

    1. malicious rumors/gossip spreads like wildfire if not controlled. Besides, it’s a huge waste of time fretting about and getting into a verbal wars over celebrity marriages/divorces especially when we don’t even know them personally.

      1. @msxie0714 I too agree…everyone should just move on to next news…Jayne’s uploads has been slow of late. We need new News to move on from..

      1. Do not put words in my mouth. When, and if the other couple is revealed for the world to see, I just wanted to point out there is a lot happening and these celebs continue to want to threaten and, or insult the netizens’ intelligence.
        Actually, there are a few business celebrity couples out there. Either already divorced, or married in name only.

  4. I find it intriguing and fascinating when the other half of a powerful celebrity couple is pursuing a younger and physically attractive male partner while her spouse is indifferent towards her infidelity.

    1. I highly doubt that it’s true otherwise he/she would’ve reveal their names. Would be in front pages, Just gossip

      1. And why should I reveal their names. You can believe or doubt, your choice. I know what I know. I also know there is a Taiwanese almost has been drama actor whose wife is ready to bolt because he can’t keep it in his pants. He slays both genders and wifey has had enough. His parents are forcing her to stay in the marriage and the poor thing worships them, plus , for some strange reason, she still loves their son. He wants to come across as the filial, righteous characters he plays to the world. Oh, I guess I should go ahead and print their names too, lol.

      2. Hey, did a lot of news make front page? A lot of news hit suddenly like a tornado. There is so much going on and hopefully it can come to light, especially the ones pretending to be who they are not, and insulting the netizens intelligence, or what they perceive to be a lack thereof. Then again, some fans are so delusional to the real world that these people know they can do whatever and the fans will still defend them and perhaps even kill for them.

      3. Lol yup, that person always come on and say stuffs like that every time a scandal break out. Guess they try to sound important, knows it all out of nothing. I’m with you, ignoring that person is the best and retreat whatever he/she said as rubbish

      4. Oh man, don’t tell me that is Ruby Lin and her husband. I only know 2-3 Taiwanese actresses and Ruby is one of them. I heard that the husband’s family is pretty influential. Sad sad. He is very handsome but omg his teeth are terrible. Maybe that’s why he doesn’t smile a lot lol.

      5. @Daisy2019,
        They said son and Ruby has a daughter so who knows? Honestly, Wallace and Ruby were an odd couple to me from the beginning as it seems like they only married because she was pregnant. I would not be shocked if they did split eventually too. Only time may tell.

  5. When it comes to infidelity it’s a hot topic so there’s no such thing as HK royalty or afraid to reveal names or whatnot. Just saying

    1. @littlefish, I don’t need to make myself look important, I know what I know. Sp what is wrong with mentioning things when there is a scandal. What is wrong with pointing out that this is happening, or that is happening? I have said many things and they were proven right, because I know certain things. I will not name names until the media make certain announcements. Anyone who name names before that are not that smart.

      1. @Hohliu there are a lot of chinese speaking celeb couples like that. A lot of the older ones will not actuallly get divorced. They are settled into a convinient marriage, and if they are knowm globally, are A-listers and have become a brand, they will stay together and put on the loving couple act in public. Might even e gage in PDA and say some very mush loving stufg aboit each other. They are a business brand and money talks. They will threaten to sue, and they do if their threats are ignored. Innpcent people poimting out the truth suffer because of their power, fame, money and Oscar winning, loving couple public performances. Of course a lot of sleeping sheep don’t see that and angrily lash out at those who are aware of the truth.

      2. @Renren , you are very right…it has come to a stage, they found a lifestyle that works for them. And their Branding is important to maintain in public eye… To be honest, such relationships are very common in Europe… no one really bothers.

  6. Another couple is only together to protect their offspring from being in a single parent home. They say such loving things about one another but the wife is so dominerring that sometimes the husband does not want to go home. She goes through his clothes, his laptop, phone, everything. She is a nightmare to live with, but the public is only fed wonderful things. They both love their offspring very much and that is the only reason this marriage is still standing.

      1. Why are you naming names here. I am saying these things to let some angry people know that I know what J am saying so that when the truth comes out, I am not talking rubbish. Suppose Chilam and Anita sue you?

      2. @teddy,
        Why don’t you just say the names to see if you are right? There is no point in hiding the names as it is still only gossip.

  7. People commenting have 0 empathy. This couple is not despicable because they have money. This couple was together for 11 years and stopped living for 2 years before divorcing. It’s mature, a long-time coming, and healthy. Asian cultures look down on divorce while American cultures are at 52%+. There’s love, compatibility, and fate. If they were together for 11 years, there was definitely love. There was compatibility until she started forming her own career, values, and desires after becoming a mother. He is 12 years older than her and hit his jackpot with stardom early on albeit a lot of sacrifices. She is now a mother and has been on the road filming Keep Running for 9 seasons now, which shot her to mainstream success in China. This is where their fate ends as a romantic couple. Some people can last a lifetime. Moving on and wishing them the best!

    1. Excuse me? Angelababy had a career before she even started dating HZM, so you need to get your ducks lined up correctly. And what does him being 12 years olfer has to do with anything? Obviously you are one of the old time traditionalist. It is not like she is 32 and he is 80, or even 60. Let us not even bring her age or career into this. The problem myself and other sensible netizens have is when they sue and threaten people for innocently telling the truth, and trying to fool the public with their lies, which start a lot of social media wars and attacks.

      1. Teddy:
        AB had a career, but she was not popular. She was MORE well known and got offered more dramas, ADs and others after dating HXM lol

    2. Exactly what I thought. 11 years mean something. We seen those who had 3 years (dating + marriage = only 3 years total) and if they want their divorce to be known “peaceful” they will get peaceful comments since they hire water army or something.

      I don’t know what that stalker up there wants, you know the one user thinking she so special here? These celebrities owe her explanations, and she has the rights to stalk them? Hell, even their own child they are not ready to tell, who are netizens they need to tell? I don’t think it’s possible for her to stalk that many people, sounds like whoever is hiring her told her all those melons, but she doesn’t have the guts to spill out names. I will kind of understand why netizens want to complain if ABB and HXM’s PR were annoying… such as going on vacay and being lovey-dovey then divorce the next day. Or accusing each other of cheating and published that every week on Jaynestars many times with fake evidences like photoshopping text messages, even involved innocent people into the scandal and they can’t do nothing if they have no fans. Or even accusing the in-laws for causing their split? If those didn’t get published on Jaynestars, the rumor ain’t hot and real enough. I seen PR way more annoying than this that gets published many times here, and nobody is even complaining. Too bad this couple’s PR were not as annoying as some people wishing, if this couple wants to sue then they really should. All ABB did was posted a ring in the time being because they don’t know when they will be ready yet.

      1. HUH??!! WHA??!! WOW??!! WHAT THE HECK??!! Usually I am not at a lost for words, but this is it folks. If someone had told me this, I would have said they are pulling my legs, but I saw with my own two big eyes. Geesh, that above comment is a brain scratcher, even for scholars, lol. I rest my case.

      2. Best to ignore that dude’s non sense lol. He was under a different account name and have been spilling the same non sense for years. Every time a scandal happens, he would post “I can’t wait for another fake couple to show their true selves” >_> Celebrity’s lives aren’t yours, why bother caring who’s who and what’s what? Like @heteishou said time will tell. So what if they lie to your face and earn lots of money? Did you buy their products? If you are not those crazy fans then meh? It’s their lives. And if you are, take these sort of scandals as a way to be not in that celebrity chasing mindset? And be realistic about all celebrities couple/images, etc. And yes, gossip is gossip, the non sense that have been “spilled”/purposely laid down is just non sense, not even a gossip >_>

    3. @jesspepperwang I feel to make every marriage works, there will be compromised and sacrificed. But not every couple can achieve the balance and make their marriage work… I bet HXM and AB age difference and what is important to them are very different. Thus their marriage breakdown… Who knows if there will be regrets in future…but currently, I am saddened by their marriage breakdown. I do believe both of them did love each other…

  8. Divorce is always bittersweet. They each deserve to find new happiness. I hope they tell their son soon. The adjustment will be harder as he ages. Although heartbreaking for children, it is better for them to understand that not all relationships are forever and it is healthier to form other ones once this one no longer feels right.

    1. I agree they should just tell him. It will be hard for him as he gets older. I feel bad for their son since he is so young but yet his parents have divorced.

    2. @PotatoChip To be honest, their divorce is so open in the public now…I am sure their young son will hear from his friends at school- if he does go to school. But if their son is too young to comprehend and emotionally ready to be told… It is best to wait for a good time. and the time may be sooner than we think..

      1. Yes, I think their son will be entering school soon so they should tell before someone at school slips. Poor kiddo, tough situation, but as long as the parents remain maturely committed to him, he will heal with time.

  9. @hdtieshou if it is gossip, then don’t you and others think it will be best not to put the names then? Simply common sense. And for the people thinking that those celebs don’t check out these sites, you are sadly mistaken. They even join the big sites under different names. I know a few of their puesdos at which sites. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Weibo, Tumblr, Jaynestars and a few more well known ones. If you think they don’t check out these sites, then you all need to wake up.

    1. @HeTieShou you are such a coward that you cannot show me where I said son so you are now trying to call me naive to distract frpm the matter at hand. You are a coward. You are a strife maker. I don’t get my news from the media or gossip rags. I know what I know.

    2. @HeTieShou

      You both were right. teddy did say “offspring” in one paragraph and “son” in another paragraph:

      Line #1
      “Another couple is only together to protect their offspring from being in a single parent home. They say such loving things about one another but the wife is so dominerring that sometimes the husband does not want to go home. She goes through his clothes, his laptop, phone, everything. She is a nightmare to live with, but the public is only fed wonderful things. They both love their offspring very much and that is the only reason this marriage is still standing.”

      Line #5
      “ And why should I reveal their names. You can believe or doubt, your choice. I know what I know. I also know there is a Taiwanese almost has been drama actor whose wife is ready to bolt because he can’t keep it in his pants. He slays both genders and wifey has had enough. His parents are forcing her to stay in the marriage and the poor thing worships them, plus , for some strange reason, she still loves their son. He wants to come across as the filial, righteous characters he plays to the world. Oh, I guess I should go ahead and print their names too, lol.”

    3. @teddy
      Not sure whether the actual gossip is true or not. I think I have had disagreements with other accounts with this style of posting before. Talking in circles without naming names as if he/she is some expert or phenom above everyone else on this platform. I guess it is may be some sort of attention seeking. I’ve always thought that if you want to say something then ‘say it’ or if not just stay silent. I don’t understand the motive to posting in cryptically at all…

  10. @Dramas4me thank you for clarifying that. However, hetieshou was speaking in terms of me saying that a couple who I spoke about was Chilam and Anita and I said they had a son.
    As for the comment when I used the word son, it was in reference to the parents of an almost washed up Taiwanese actor who cannot stop cheating, and his wife is ready to leave, but his parents keep talking her into staying, but for some reason she still loves their son, the son being the actor, who is a couple of years away from forty. So you misunderstood, but not your fault, and I don’t hold it against you. I just wish people would stop trying to make strife. I know what I know. I just hope she can stand it if anything is ever revealed about her god.

    1. No one cares what you know. Do you want an award or something??? Geez. Do you even have a life??
      Even if all these coupes are staying together for money, their kids or whatever reasons, it has nothing to do with you or anyone else. It’s their choice and their personal problem. End of story. Get a life, please.

  11. While i am not surprised by the divorce, I am sad. It is always sad to see a union come to an end. Like someone mentioned, it is bittersweet. Someone also wrote that 11 years is no joke, and that is a truth. Angela spent her youth with XM and XM spent the later part of his prime with her. I found it commendable how both came to a mutual/respectable agreement in terms of their divorce and child. While I don’t necessarily agree with not telling the child, it is their son after all. On to a new chapter….

    And man some folks have way too much time on their hands. Almost seem like they’re fishing for interaction / entertainment by stirring stuff up then flipping out the victim card! Lol jezusss. No names cause its judt gossip right? lol. Save your time. There’s no need to reply back as I ain’t got the time of day to wait, read, and reply.

  12. Hello everyone & Happy New Year. Wishing you all a Healthy & Happy NY! I hope you will not get mad of me for saying this. We don’t have to read, like, agree or reply to comments that we don’t care or agree with, but I do think we all should be a little bit kinder/friendlier. It will make visiting this site more fun. Most of us will come back here and read articles/stories again. Why are we making it more stressful for ourselves? Especially it’s new year time right now. Thanks!

    1. Happy new year! True, we can’t help a broken record trying to be loud and obnoxious \o/ so I guess everyone just need to ignore him and let him write whatever nonsense he likes. You can be kind, but let’s not be fake 🙂 it’ll do no one’s service

      1. What do mean by “… let’s not be fake…”? I like watching Chinese dramas, so I often visit three websites to follow the entertainment news. I have a full time job and it can be stressful sometimes. Life is hard enough, so I don’t need to find more stress. Sometimes reading these comments I see people can be so unkind to each other and even called each other names. I just don’t see the need for that. I don’t need to be fake and I don’t want to be fake. I have been visiting this website for a few years now and I have seen some very nasty remarks people made to each other before. Sometimes a bunch people sorted of attack one or two persons. It can happen to anyone of us. What if it happen to you or me? I don’t think I will like that feeling. That’s all I want to say. Thanks!

    2. I agree but at times some just cross the line like someone who is a broken record. But anyways, it is New Years so happy new year everyone!

    3. Lol, I knew that sentence cause a misunderstanding. That sentence is not directing for you. The “you” in there for everyone, including me. As in, we all need to be truthful, and say things for what it is. We can be kind, but we should not be fake. Sorry if I offended you! I know you were trying to make it peaceful 🙂

      1. @Dramas4me sorry for not tagging you properly to say sorry 🙂 but yes, I know you meant well!
        @heteishou stop replying to him lol, or he will just flood us with senseless arguments lol.

    4. @Dramas4me “We don’t have to read, like, agree or reply to comments that we don’t care or agree with, but I do think we all should be a little bit kinder/friendlier. It will make visiting this site more fun. ”

      I echo your sentiments–even if it’s not Lunar New Year, we can all maintain more friendly conversations. For this reason, offensive comments in this thread have been deleted.

      1. So glad to see moderator stepping in… it was getting too heated. I really enjoy a good gossips now and then and relax. I enjoy reading the comments section alot too… but when it gets heated and personal(which I have been guilty of previously) .. then it is not relaxing anymore.

      2. Thank you Jayne. I’m very glad that you are monitoring the comments. Please keep up the good work. Have a healthy & happy new year!

      1. @Dramas4me Thanks!
        @Coralie Either is great. I have only recently started getting into more Chinese dramas the last year, so trying to catch up. I have been watching YouTube reviews from Marcus and AvenueX and also found this great recaps/reviews site, Cyn-lynn blogspot. Need a place to gush about these news shows and actors.

      2. @PotatoChip personally I like mydramalist a lot for ongoing discussions about currently airing dramas. It’s a bit messy, but the community is strong and the commenters are up to date about what’s going on for each episode (if not they can be quickly brought up to speed.) I love going there to read comments about airing dramas – sometimes they’re really insightful.

        I think avenuex is cool, she’s definitely filling a missing niche in reviews and she brings an objective aesthetic perspective into new dramas, but she hasn’t started watching dramas for very long so I don’t really count her as a veteran cdrama watcher. Her reviews aren’t as credible as far as whether the dramas are watchable or not. I’ve seen her raving about dramas that I thought were meh at most, but her standard for what’s good could be different than mine. I care more about the sense of humor, the aesthetic of the leads and the plot. Everything else is just icing on the cake. But she’s current with her list of cdramas. I do need to check out Marcus though.

        Ebiz news…well, I think there’s enough room in the market for multiple ebiz sources, so I do like sites like 38 jiejie (no space) dot com, asianenews dot net, and drama panda. These are my usual haunts.

      3. @Coralie Thanks for the recs! I have only seen a few of AvenueX’s recommended dramas and her thoughts pretty much aligned with mine. She doesn’t really rank the higher traffic, “sometimes you just need pretty and fun” dramas highly though. And I definitely need escapist entertainment these days.

        Marcus is more news than reviews. I found Drama potato which is more comprehensive on their list of dramas that watch and news. They are so responsive on their Curious Cat Twitter Q&A. I was using My Drama List as an actor reference guide and didn’t really notice the comments until recently because all the dramas I looked up were so old and didn’t have any. After decades of TVB dramas, catching up on others has been daunting, lol. It is nice that My Drama List is so active for the new stuff and I will definitely check it out.

      4. @PotatoChip oh good call. what I like is precisely those fun dramas lol which is what she probably snobs at haha. hence why I prob don’t rank what she likes highly and vice versa.

        I currently like short webdramas like Please Don’t Spoil Me (slightly cringe in the first two epis, but gets much funnier and better as it keeps going; only like 10 min or so long per epi.)

        And the drama: The Theatre Stories (so OTT, but hilarious IMO – esp when the king wants to commit suicide cus his Teacher keeps trying to commit suicide in front of him daily for not being studious enough LOL. And the Teacher tries to commit suicide by slamming his head against the king’s room post and the king asks internally, don’t you have room posts in your house LOL. Anyways just some personal recs in case you need a dose of slapstick humor in your life

  13. Am I the only one who feel that they were actually driven to divorce by all the negative comments and rumours?

    1. You can’t fence time, and you can’t stop love. That is so true. If a marriage falls apart because of rumors and negative comments, then that marriage had no solid foundation of love. Every marriage has it’s moments of angst, but rumors and negative comments should not stop love, should not break up a couple. Perhaps the rumors are true and the couple decided to stop the charade cause the people know. This couple was on the outs for a long time, and it had nothing to do with what was said, or written about them.

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