Angelababy Cut From New Season of “Running Man”

Angelababy has been blacklisted in China after attending BLACKPINK Lisa’s provocative Crazy Horse performance in Paris in September. Despite having 100 million followers on Weibo, Angelababy was banned from updating her account due to “violation of relevant laws and regulations.” As Angelababy’s controversy has not settled down,  popular Chinese variety show Keep Running <奔跑吧> has also dropped her from its new season.

Keep Running <奔跑吧> recently announced its new season with a list of regular cast members, including Li Chen(李晨), Ryan Cheng(鄭愷), Yi Sha (沙溢), Bai Lu (白鹿), Zhou Shen (周深), Fan Chengcheng(范丞丞), Song Yuqi (宋雨琦), and Zhang Zhenyuan (張真源). Although Angelababy has been a regular since the show’s first season in 2014, she is not included in the new season.

Netizens expressed their pity at Angelababy’s disappearance from filming. “Her name won’t appear on the show anymore. I guess they gave her some respect by not deleting her past scenes” and “It looks like the soft launch of being blacklisted.”

It is rumored Angelababy made multiple attempts to restart her career. Although her social media account is still banned, it has not been deleted by Weibo. It is speculated that Angelababy is temporarily banned and uncertain if she can make a successful comeback.

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  1. It is just so sad… I may not be a fan of her dramas but her variety show is no bad. I really hope she take his time to rest, enjoy moments with her son. And then look at her options. I too hope this ban is temporary.

    1. @Hohliu, there used to be a member here called @//WY or llwy or something like that. I really miss her insightful comments.
      I hope she is doing okay. I do wonder if she changed her user name as someone here reminds sooooo much of her. Do you, or anyone have any clue what happened to her?

      1. Her username was llwy or something similar. I remember following her blog a long time ago and she is/was a Jacky Cheung fan.

        I may be mistaken, but I think she posted a comment here several years ago indicating she wouldn’t be frequenting this site much anymore. It was probably to do with her loss of interest / frustration with TVB over the years.

      2. @Renren @Mika , Lol, I know exactly who you both are talking about. The reason I know was because her username LLWY is the same exact initials to all my name, LLWY. I use this my credit cards.. I mentioned that to her before. I dont know the person personally but I noticed the person is no longer here too…

  2. great new, never understand why she is popular, bad acting, etc… maybe she is good to please somes connections

    1. LMAO. Can your contradictions get any funnier?
      When Jing Tian got banned by the government, Zhao the trash’s water armies say Jing Tian has connections with the government.
      When Angelababy got banned by the government, Zhao the trash’s water armies still say Angelababy also has connections with the government.
      When people ask why Zhao the trash is not banned for advertising bird nests products, lying that it can prolong life span; involved in extramarital affairs with younger actors like WYB but defames FSF and his mother numerous times; wore Japanese clothes and did plastic surgery in Japan; her water armies say she has no connections.
      The CCP practices favoritism, obviously who has connections never get in trouble no matter what they do. It’s always the ones with no connections that get bully all the time.

      1. Canceling AB because she attended a strip show was incomprensible, but she did cultivate her own ties through ex-husband’s influential circle of friends. Kris Wu also had connections with Jackie Chan and other prominent directors, but that didn’t save him from jail for heinous activities. Fan Bingbing and Zhao Wei also were not exempt from economic crimes despite their rich friends in very high places. The only one without connections at that time was Xiao Zhan who was unfairly and mercilessly bullied by rival fandoms instigated by powerful people in c-ent.. In this case, XZ’s resurrection was only possible with the help of CCP.

      2. @msxie0714
        If the CCP says their mistress is the victim then whoever brings up her crimes will be the villains, as long as the water armies act like they don’t know anything and they do not care what she did, she will always be loved online. Heard that no one likes her at all in reality, she’s only loved online because of the water armies. Water armies only know how to care when it’s others but they don’t care when it’s Zhao the trash. A good example is how ABB is still hated today cause of her past scandal, being 3rd party in HXM’s previous relationship, and ABB already clarified the truth over and over it was nothing like that. Compare to Zhao the trash, didn’t Jaynestars got clear evidence of her going to honeymoon with Meico CEO from United States? He was married at that time and she was a 3rd party, did the water armies care? Nope, they disappear when it’s her. She was dating Chen Xiao at the same time, and kissed William Chan for 3 hours causing Charlene Choi to dump him, did the water armies care? Nope! Interestingly, William Chan did not get any hate either, because the scandal is linked with Zhao the trash and she needs to be protected. Zhao the trash did that much to Chen Xiao, the moment he marries a better woman, BAM!!! The water armies show up and cry so loud as if they going to die. Zhao the trash purposely said she got cheated on too, it leaded to her fans cursing Chen Xiao and his child in the womb to death, and she did nothing about it. ABB knows how to speak up about her scandal, and still hated. Zhao the trash stays quiet and doesn’t say anything, nobody finds her any trouble, well… I’m happy for her, but she sends her water armies to harm others. She’s really pushing the button too far. Don’t even get me started on FSF too bc Jaynestars clearly accused him and his mother of horrible things so many times already, were they really the culprit? Or is a Trashy queen just too desperate for attention? Not everyone has water armies. It’s also amazing that each and every Chinese on earth must be a troll. If crazy fandom is truly a thing that no parents can control, then as long as a person of Chinese nationality, they must be a troll. True fans, or water armies hired by CCP mistress? It doesn’t take a huge brain to know.

    2. @msxie0714
      ABB dated William Chan first, she was known for being his girlfriend. He broke up, because he blew up after dating Charlene Choi, then broke up, because he blew up even bigger after rumored with Zhao the trash.
      ABB then dated and married HXM, she never denies receiving resources and protections from him. Unlike some trash that manipulates the media everyday to blame their exes, ABB doesn’t media bully HXM. She once rant about him, it shows if she got something to say she will be upfront. At least she is grateful and doesn’t backstab people in the dark.
      Both Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo are suspicious, initially BL genre was heavily regulated but they were the first to get a green light from NRTA. Before they became top trenders, Zhao the trash was the number 1 trender. Do take note that she was not number 2 or below, she was number 1 since 2015, that success came from owning more than 30 billion fans online when human population is ridiculously lower than that. The quality of her works are super bad and she has no talent at all, she relied on fan wars behind the scenes. She got replaced by these 2 flowery boys who used the same ruse, owning ridiculous amount of fans and the quality of their works also sucks the same, they also relied on their bromance and flirting wars behind the scenes.
      I don’t know if Xiao Zhan’s attack was schemed through competitors like Zhao the trash, or if it was his own stunt to get more famous. I’m sure CCP controls their media well and “water army” can only be owned by them, they will not share water army with just any celebrity, whoever has the most water army is the most suspicious of connections.

      1. I don’t understand your venom toward Zhao Liying. Do you have absolute proof that she’s ‘trash”? As an actress, she’s very credible with quality dramas in her resume.
        As to The Untamed, it got the green light because the producer made revisions changing it from BL to a story of brotherhood. The two actors didn’t gain unprecedented international attention for their looks alone. Using the same ‘ruse’ as Zhao is mere conjecture on your part. The craziness of fandoms are beyond control of their parents, not to mention their idols. CCP’s regulations against online bullying seem to have little success. Only until the capital enterprises with the purse strings are effectively controlled will these water armies fade away.

  3. Even if she makes a comeback she won’t be as big as she was before at the height of her career after her marriage to Huang Xiao Ming. Since her divorce her resources just keep decreasing, and overshadowed by fresher better acting actresses.

    She should use this time to improve her acting skills if she wants to return as an actress otherwise she should just focus on variety shows or modeling.

    1. She should not be banned just because she attend Black Pink’s Lisa show. This is ridiculous. It’s irrelevant that she is a bad actress, it just shows how a dictatorship country operates.

      1. It could be a comparison to the democratic country assassinating foreign leaders for not obeying their dictates.

  4. Comments are vile. She might not be your favorite actress but she’s human and a professional. Getting canceled in China right now means she will not have any jobs moving forward and it also means she can never enter the industry again nor even live like a normal citizen—like she might have to uproot herself from China and move out of the country. Her parents are from China. Her son is in China. Even if you guys are not a fan of her acting, is there a need to be so cruel?

    1. Since she is now a single mum, I am aware she has lots of investments and she is very clever with managing her money, but I really still hope she will not be banned from working. I may not enjoy her dramas but I do like her as a person. She still have things to offer in this industry. I do watch her variety shows.

    2. Thank you! These vile comments are more revealing than the article itself. I can’t help but wonder how miserable one must be to stoop that low

      But back to AB… she’s just trying to enjoy life and her job. Even if it doesn’t float ones boat, it’s obviously floating enough to keep her in demand. I hope she doesn’t get ban because it’s more than just her and her family she’s trying to feed. Best wishes to her and Jenny

    3. I 100% expected the usual mean comments about her acting for any article on her, and unfortunately never fails on this site. You don’t need good acting for variety shows anyway, just an entertaining personality which is also a talent in itself. Nevermind that none deserves bad things happening to them just because they are bad at acting.

  5. Didn’t some Chinese netizens (perhaps haters) tried to ban her because she attended BlackPink’s concert? I feel like they just tried to find anything to cancel her. She may not be a good actress but she didn’t do anything to deserve getting ban nor cancel.

  6. @Mika thank you so much for providing that information.I do recall @llwy being frustrated how certain directions were headed at certain entertainment centers. I still miss her here though. Again, thank you for your reply.
    @Hohliu I am not surprised you and @llwy had a connection. You two remind me of each other, although I never met either of you, and I mean that in a good way.

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