Yang Yang Breaks Ties with Agent

Yang Yang (楊洋) has removed the contact details of Jia Shi Kai (賈士凱), his Yuekai Entertainment agent, from his official Weibo page!

One of this year’s worst-rated dramas on Douban, Yang Yang and Wang Churan’s (王楚然) drama Fireworks of My Heart <我的人間煙火> was not only roundly criticized by viewers for its illogical and simplistic plot, but also earned the infamy of being named by state media several times for missteps from “wasting water” during one intimate scene when Yang Yang and Churan accidentally turned on the tap, to the various medical inconsistencies in the drama.

Fans Praise Yang Yang’s Move

As the two were revealed to have taken their onscreen romance into real life, both lead actors were lambasted by netizens for being unprofessional and only caring about dating instead of focusing on their careers. Lack of proactiveness by Yuekai Entertainment in handling swirling negative rumors further angered the actor’s fans.

A blight on the actor’s smooth-sailing career so far, Yang Yang was not only criticized for his acting in the drama, but also received flak for the illogical plot details of Fireworks of My Heart. Now, one and a half months following the scandal, fans are delighted that Yang Yang has finally broken contact with his agent – deducing that the prolongedspate of negative rumors revolving around the star might be due to his unwillingness to renew his contract – and drew a comparison to what had happened to actress Yang Mi (楊冪) prior to her leaving Jaywalk Studio.

Angelababy to Blame for Spate of Negative Publicity?

Fans also dug out a previous repost of his agent, Jia Shi Kai which read in part that “Friends are meant to be betrayed”, and criticized him for doing harm to Yang Yang’s reputation. To add fuel to fire, Jia Shi Kai’s recent rumors with actress Angelababy (楊穎) led to talk that all these might be a manipulation by the actress who was declining in popularity, leading fans to thumbs up Yang Yang’s latest move, and denounce Jia Shi Kai for being “unscrupulous”.

A talented dancer since young, Yang Yang was accepted into the PLA Academy and was consistently one of the top-scorers. Later becoming one of only 15 students to be handpicked by the production crew of Chinese classic Dream of the Red Chambers <紅樓夢> , he was chosen to portray the role of “Jia Baoyu”, and signed onto Rosal Entertainment to begin his career in entertainment that same year. Signing onto Yuekai Entertainment in 2015, he rose to become the agency’s top-earning artiste.

 Source: Upmedia

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  1. Oh, this explains why we seen so much uncleaned dirty water splashed on Yang Yang…he has no management company to clean those dirty water…in fact, they might even be responsible to magnified it. Many celebs get caught up in this situation…

  2. he will act up when work’s involved and do things to save his image, but when it comes to his personal life (the ladies, specifically), he just stays mute. not a BAD idea, i’m sure majority will choose to save their hide, but it’s gotta suck being his partner.

    1. I have no respect for men like him. He won’t make a good husband. When there is trouble his wife will have to take care of it.

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