Yang Yang Finds Divine Path in “The Immortal Ascension”

(Above) “In the realm of ascension, being weak is bound to be trampled on.”

Actor Yang Yang (楊洋) has a new historical drama coming up! The star of You Are My Glory <你是我的榮耀> and Who Rules the World <且試天下> portrays an ordinary boy who ascends to immortality in his latest dramatic endeavor The Immortal Ascension <凡人修仙傳> – a return to his familiar genre of historical drama.

Set to reverse the harsh criticism over last year’s much-slammed Fireworks of My Heart <我的人間煙火>, Yang Yang is already dialling up viewer anticipation with his sleek fighting moves, and crisp line delivery in the teaser trailer for his upcoming historical drama — which has already surpassed millions of views, plus chalked up 400 million related reads on Weibo!

Heralded as the xianxia version of the well-received Joy of Life <慶餘年>, The Immortal Ascension is one of Youku’s headline productions of the year. Based on the premise that “we are mortal beings on a journey of cultivation in this mortal world”, it follows the story of Han Li (Yang Yang), a poor, ordinary village boy from Yellow Maple Valley, who joins a sect in the Jiang Hu, and is chosen as disciple by a veteran in the sect, the mysterious Physician Mo ().

Under the artistic guidance of director Yang Yang (杨阳) who was behind the successful A Dream of Splendor <夢華錄>, viewers are hopeful for a comeback breakthrough performance from the actor, with palpable excitement for the onscreen chemistry between him and the drama’s lead actress, Jin Chen (金晨)!


Embarking on the road of immortal cultivation despite his mediocre aptitude, he practises the “Chang Chungong” arts everyday under Mo’s mentorship. Through unyielding will and relentless striving, Han Li surmounts countless obstacles and altercations with devilish demons and ancient celestials, finally realizing his dream.

Adapted from famed Chinese web novel A Record of a Mortal’s Journey to Immortality <凡人修仙传> by Wang Yu (忘语), the story is also that of “more than 1,300 mortals enduring a cultivation quest spanning nearly 6 months”. The costume drama has wrapped, and also stars actress Jin Chen as Nan Gong Wan, Wang Duo (汪鐸) as Wang Chen, Zhao Xiaotang (趙小棠) as Chen Qiao Qian, Zhao Qing (趙晴) as Mo Cai Huan and Jin Jiayue (金佳悅) as Dong Xuan Er.

Watch “the Immortal Ascension” Spring Special:

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