Medical Inaccuracies in “Fireworks of My Heart” Irk State Media

Starring Yang Yang (楊洋) and rumored girlfriend Wang Churan (王楚然), Fireworks of My Heart <我的人間煙火> managed to achieve fair ratings, but fell short of the hype. Going up hot search with negative feedback whenever a new episode is released, netizens are already slamming the production as a “phenomenon-level” lousy drama.

State Cautions Viewers Not to Be “Misled by Dramas”

Playing a doctor and a fireman respectively, Wang Churan and Yang Yang fail to win hearts in “Fireworks of My Heart”.

Joining in the frenzy, the Hangzhou Municipal State Commission recently released a lengthy post pointing out medical inaccuracies in the 40-episode series, including a screenshot from one of the episodes with dialogue replicated as reference; in what it described as an “extremely rare situation” known as Perimotem cesarean section.

Playing a doctor named Xu Qin in the story, Wang Churan’s character performs an emergency caesarean on a woman with childbirth complications in the said episode. In the scene, Xu Qin explains that “the child will not be able to survive in the 5 to 8 minutes following its mother’s death, thus it is too late to wait till they reach the hospital” to operate. While the scriptwriter apparently wanted to showcase the female lead as being highly skilled, in addition to being calm and quick-thinking in the face of emergencies, there were quite a few medical inaccuracies presented, which it went on to list out.

For one, Wang Churan used only a stethoscope to determine the fetus’ situation, which was unscientific as more diagnostic equipment would be needed. The article also mentioned about the need for several diagnostic medical equipment to confirm an individual’s death, but this was hastily reenacted in Fireworks of My Heart. Furthermore, it added that no doctor would ever ask the patient’s kin if they prefer to prioritize the mother or child’s life, as the mother’s well-being will always take priority.

Shocked by the inaccuracies in the drama’s presentation after the inaccuracies were detailed in the article, some netizens called for the series to be taken down to prevent propagating of medical falsehoods. Douban ratings for the already-concluded series has plummeted to a staggering 3.2, with 70% out of 360k reviews giving it just a one-star; netizens commented that the remaining score are for supporting actor Wei Daxun‘s (魏大勛) tears, amid sentiments that he delivered a stronger performance than its lead Yang Yang.

Source: Upmedia

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  1. Yang Yang has always been a bad actor. Was this surprising for people? Whoever decided on the casting were out of their minds. Wei Daxun is a professionally trained actor, who graduated from the Central Academy as an acting major. He might be known for variety shows, but he’s incredibly talented. Honestly, I think YY has one of the best visuals in cdrama, but it’s very frustrating to see how little he’s improved considering his years in the industry. He honestly looked constipated half the time in this drama. Being able to make a flawed character charming is at another level that he really doesn’t have the talent for.

    The production team really screwed this up, but who I feel the most bad for is WCR. Most of the things people are complaining about (leaving the faucet on, using a fire extinguisher, medical inaccuracies, silencing WDX supporters on douban, author’s plagiarism allegations) aren’t even in WCR’s realm of influence but I feel like she’s getting the brunt of the hate. I don’t know if she’s a terrible person privately but everyone is attacking her based on stories with no real proof and even impacting her endorsements. She might’ve picked a bad role and didn’t portray it well, but she’s not the first actress to do so. The reaction is just so extreme and crazy in my opinion.

    1. @lilseemonster

      Yes. Poor girl. Also I read that every time YY that he was rumored dating someone – the females were always the ones took the hit and he never came out to clarify it. I don’t like this guy.

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