Wang Churan Accused of Possessing Yang Yang’s Intimate Photos

Despite a promising start, Wang Churan’s (王楚然) career hit a stumbling block after starring in Fireworks of My Heart <我的人間煙火> with costar-turned-rumored boyfriend Yang Yang (楊洋). The negative publicity surrounding their relationship has allegedly decreased Yang Yang’s fan base as well, which prompted the actor to want to break up.

Netizens were also dissatisfied over Wang Churan’s character in Fireworks of My Heart for being senseless and medically unprofessional. Anti-fans raised the heat and further criticized the actress’ acting skills, indifference to criticism, and diva attitude.

Seeing Wang Churan’s deteriorating image and its negative impact on his own career, Yang Yang allegedly wanted to call it quits. However, Wang Churan reportedly refused to break up and threatened Yang Yang with the couple’s intimate photos.

Although her management agency has attempted to help “clean up” her image, Wang Churan allegedly remained stubborn and continued to be rude and reckless. At an event promoting drama Hidden Charm <柳舟記>, Wang Churan sat coolly beside second female lead, Liu Lingzi (劉令姿), and was criticized for being conceited in not attempting to converse at all.

Others defended the actress and called the rumors unwarranted and unfounded. Despite the negative press and her poor public image, Wang Churan still has more than 10 upcoming filming projects on hand and likely will continue to be frequently seen onscreen.

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  1. And Yang Yang is still keeping quiet! Regardless they are dating or not, why allow her to deal with these on her own??

    1. YY comes across as a person primarily focused on himself and his career. This does not come as a surprise.

      1. This is definitely not the first time such witch hunting happened but so far is the the worst… Hi @Dee , good to hear from you again. Hope you are surviving this hot summer….

    2. Hi @Hohliu 🙂 All good on my side! Actually I was super busy with a project and still waiting for my holidays, but it’s coming! Luckily, I stand better hot than cold weather. Hope you are doing well and summer is treating you well

  2. Typo in the article. Liu Lingzi is written as 刘令姿. 张晚意 (Zhang Wanyi) is the actor in LYF.

  3. I find it very funny that the actors play HS students. They look too mature even as college. LOL.

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