Netizens Protest Wang Churan’s Involvement in “Joy of Life 2”

Having been pegged a “hopeless romantic” in her latest series with Yang Yang (楊洋) in Fireworks of My Heart <我的人間煙火>, actress Wang Churan (王楚然) was caught in a whirlwind of criticism surrounding her character. In fact, this led to many netizens calling her to quit her new series, Joy of Life 2 <慶餘年2>.

The season finale for Fireworks of My Heart recently aired and it was met with much disappointment from viewers who called Wang Churan’s character senseless. In the drama, Wang Churan portrayed an adopted daughter of a wealthy family who grew up to be a doctor. Instead of being grateful for her adoptive family’s support, she prioritized  her love for Yang Yang’s character above everything else. Her controversial behavior included stealing a surgery knife and sleeping pills despite being a doctor.

While Wang Churan had no control over how her character was written in Fireworks of My Heart,  viewers boycotted the products she endorsed which pressured sponsorships to end their contracts with the actress.

Besides her senseless character, Wang Churan was romantically linked with Yang Yang in real life. She was also rumored to be on bad terms with Li Qian (李沁), her Joy of Life 2 co-star and coincidentally Yang Yang’s ex-girlfriend.

Netizens also began flooding social media asking for producers to remove Wang Churan from the second season of Joy of Life. Although the producers have not responded, there may be a possibility of a casting shuffle to avoid netizens’ uproar over Wang Churan’s involvement in Joy of Life 2.

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  1. SO UNFAIR on this woman…she is guilty of being too beautiful in the eyes of those jealous of her… she did no wrong.

    Yang Yang date in silence because he know how nasty some of his fans can get… but I still think he will win new fans if he stands out to oppose those haters… and protect those females caught in such situation due to those rumours, regardless the dating is true or not.

    Just as Liu Yu Ning ddid immediately when rumours of his ex-GF started flying. Keeping quiet and watch those females get hated in public is really not wise to me… Some of these hate attacks do not fade off quickly.

    Wang Churan is a innocent victim.

    1. Poor girl. A person who seemingly cares more about their image and popularity, who fails to step up to the plate and allows you to be fed to the wolves is not worth it.

      I didn’t know much about Luhan nor was I interested in finding out more, but I did have some newfound respect when he announced his relationship with Guan Xiaotong. When he was at his height of popularity in China and also coming from an idol! And whether you like it or not, he seems to be putting effort into honing his craft in acting. Yang Yang, the “professional actor” on the other hand seems more interested in being a face / an idol whilst his acting remains stagnant.

      1. @Mika I agree with you on how it is not worth dating someone who just watches wolves feeding and savaging..

        I remember being very surprise LuHan announced his status with Guan Xiaotong at the height of his fame…

  2. Is cyber bulling in China really that bad? If I am a brand sponsor, I will continue to sponsor her, perhaps even more, to make a stand against bullying. Anyway what type of brand would want to attract these senseless netizens.

  3. I’m all in to remove bad egg in any industry but the timing of all the rumours are so suspicious and I wonder how many of the anti are YY’s fans.
    This rumour of her not getting along with his ex and she being one of the reasons causing the initial team of scriptwriters to quit when the investors of Under the Skin 2 want to buy her participation into the drama, giving her a major love line. Wonder what’s next. We will know when the cast of UtS 2 is announced.
    And him being a coward keeping quiet if they are really dating.

    1. I find Yang Yang a coward… I remember Victoris Song hinted that too when she was a subject of such a Hate wave by antis due to him.

      1. @hohliu if they are teally dating, she should just dump him.
        Here she is being boycotted while he is said to be participating in a new period drama with Jin Chen. Good grief.

      2. @Hohliu and @BearBear well, the plot is thickened! Or it’s like 80% confirmed they are dating lol. They are caught getting out of the same villa again >_> and if it’s true, she seriously needs to smack him in the head. Gosh, he is not as good as Lu Han and I don’t even like the dude but he treated QXT right, and said the most manly thing ever: if I can’t protect my gf, I don’t deserve her (something along that line).

      3. @LittleFish Yes, I am not a Luhan fan as his looks really does not tick any boxes for me nor did his singing, dancing or acting skills… But I have to say his acting has improved since he stops being a idol and kept low profile. I did respect how he publicity dealt with antis when he revealed he is dating Guan Xiaotong.

      4. @LittleFish @Hohliu Ya, I think they are dating too. Starting to think that all these boycott and whatsoever isn’t exactly affecting her career, just heard that she will be in a new drama with Zhang Wanyi (one of the leading guys in LYF).

  4. Am I reading this right? She is boycotted because people didn’t like what her character was like in a drama?!! Are Chinese netizens really that dumb????

  5. 24 yo. 5’8″. talented. and not to mention pretty and dating an idol. Yes, netizens are unrealistic to say the least, but now, they are just vile. I wonder if any of these netizens are half as beautiful and talented as WCR. I simply see this as a starlet in the making and have no preference nor dislike towards WCR. She can act way BETTER than YangYang. Chill netizens.

  6. China’s regulators ought to step in to cancel immature, irrational and possessive fandoms for spreading discord and hate.

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