Wang Churan Gains Anti-Fans After “Fireworks of My Heart”

Wang Churan’s (王楚然) career has hit a snag after starring in Fireworks of My Heart <我的人間煙火> with co-star-turned-boyfriend Yang Yang (楊洋). As netizen’s dissatisfaction over Wang Churan’s character mounted, the anti-fans made a stir over Wang Churan’s indifference to criticism and started a boycott campaign.

Praised for her sweet yet elegant image, Wang Churan was once nicknamed as “Little Liu Yifei” and was handpicked by the artistic director to play a supporting role in Oh My General when she was in high school. Since then, Wang Churan filmed 2-3 dramas every year including The Longest Promise <玉骨遙> and Joy of Life 2 <慶餘年2>.

Despite a promising start in the entertainment industry, Wang Churan’s role in Fireworks of My Heart was met with disdain as netizens criticized her character as annoying and being blinded by love. However, the actress was undeterred by netizens’ review and shared in an interview, “I think the character is very attractive to me. It’s rare to come across such an imperfect girl. It makes me want to play this realistic person.”

Many netizens believed that Wang Churan was similarly blinded by love like her on-screen character and noted that her co-star and boyfriend Yang Yang was less willing to respond positively to his role in the drama. Although Yang Yang was criticized for his acting skills, Yang Yang took a pragmatic approach and wrote, “Thank you for your tolerance, companionship, criticism and suggestion this summer. We’ll see you next time.

The anti-fans shared that they were disappointed by Wang Churan’s lack of self-awareness and took drastic measures to be heard. When the anti-fans discovered that a beverage company developed a new product dedicated to Wang Churan, the anti-fans rallied to boycott the drink. The manufacturer was forced to remove the product off the shelf and blur our Wang Churan’s photo.

Shortly after, the keyword “What did Wang Churan do wrong” appeared on the hot search. While some netizens did not believe that the actress deserved the hate, the anti-fans responded, “It’s important to understand this: in order to reap the benefits of being an artist, it is necessary for them to accept the audience’s criticism. Is it not a mistake to accept a script like this? The mistake was having a boyfriend who pushed her out to protect himself. Don’t blame the audience. Blame the boyfriend.”

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  1. Is anyone following the development of the events relating to the crew and author of this drama and is able to provide more info about?
    So curious to learn more. From what I gather
    1. The minor supporting character acted by Wei Daxun has gained so much popularity in this drama with netizens drawing comparison with the ML and dissing the latter’s greasy acting that WDX’s later scenes were cut.
    2. The author of this adaption criticized supporters of WDX’s role suggesting that netizens were attracted to the wealthy background of the character (I could be wrong on this, pls correct if so), in turn triggering netizens digging into the author’s palargism history causing the author to stay silent.
    3. Netizens have enough of YY’s zero improvement in his acting which has been either wooden or greasy or both and his lack of acknowledgement of it and him verbalizing that he does not see the need to listen to netizens feedback.
    4. The scene involving fireman ML playing with the fire extinguisher with his girlfriend causing more negative feedback but the production crew rather than admitting that they should not have done it, the production states that the fire extinguisher was bought by the characters (indirectly suggesting so the owner has all the rights to do what they want).
    5. The poor writing of the leading roles’ personalities that.

    I’m curious if the above are correct and if there are more.

    1. Still think YY is good looking but his acting…he should rethink about staying in the industry as an actor or take up acting classes. If he has already gone through some classes then he really has to think if he is suitable to remain as an actor. Be responsible to the audience, not everyone is his fan and blindly accept everything as long as they can see him onscreen.
      He has earned enough to last a few lifetimes anyway.
      No doubt there will be anti but not all who commented about his acting are anti. These are not audience who set a higher bar on him just because he looks good. There are good look actors who can act well or at least with passable acting abilities so he should stop hiding behind his good looks and assume that everyone is willing to overlook his acting and his fans accusing others of being too harsh on him.

    2. @BearBear based on AvenueX, these points (apart from no.2) you listed, are true. I agree on the hates YY get for this role, dude seriously need to learn to improve himself. Her, on the other hand, nope. It’s a character she portrays, not her. She has no saying, and she isn’t a big shot that she can pick and choose the script. Atm, any script is good for her. If you want to hate, just hate YY

      1. @LittleFish it will be immature if netizens blame her for playing an unpleasant role especially if she shines in the role (like hating the actress for acting well as the villain). I didn’t even know about the boycotting until this article since all the clips I have come across so far are criticizing YY’s acting and his nonchalance. In fact I’m surprised that she is getting the negativity more as stated in the article. Maybe her anti include his fans (guessing) for the rumoured romance between them or there are netizens who are upset that her role did not choose the adopted brother (another guess that sounds ridiculous but anything can happen).

    3. I also read that the cdrama forum on Douban were deleting posts that left positive comments for Wei Daxun and banned his name from being used. Netizens were basically just sick of the tactics being used for this drama. However, I don’t agree with the attack on Wang Churan. She’s collateral damage because she doesn’t have a big fan base to help her and is an up and coming actress. There’s no way she was involved with most of the things netizens are complaining about. People’s sentiments change so fast. One minute they’re praising her visuals against Ren Min in TLP, the next they’re bashing her and sabotaging her endorsements.

  2. I am not surprised she get anti fans…she is just to beautiful for many women… plus some obsessive fans of Yang Yang must hate her. I find in China, the top billing idols are often cute or pretty but to be super beautiful is not a advantage. In drama-land, good looking guys are popular but girls cannot look too beautiful.

    1. Not so in the case of Ren Min in The Longest Promise. She’s cute, but netizens have been blasting her as “ugly” and that the role should’ve gone to a beautiful actress

      1. For xianxia, you need to still look pretty. Not drop dead gorgeous but not big nose either. Ren Min has this huge nose that just don’t work in costume period :/ at least not in TLP. She looks ok in serenade of peaceful joy? At least based on a few photo I’ve seen. Like I know I get flak for thinking she’s not pretty, but just in TLP, I only see her huge nose, and super bloated face. And the fringe just don’t make her look youthful. Ren Min might be cute irl, but I didn’t see it in the YouTube clips, she acts like those typical trying to be cute girl that just end up to be annoying :/
        I think @Hohliu is right, you need to be pretty and cute, but not drop dead gorgeous. I dont care too much about WCR as to me, acting well make the face a lot more pretty. But I think she garners a lot of hate for being a potential threat, so everyone is attacking her

      2. Ren Min face is not so suited for Xianxia…but I do enjoy a number of her modern looks dramas/movies. She is a good actress.

      3. I think it’s refreshing that Ren Min doesn’t look like the standard mainstream beauty who tend to look alike.
        But in certain photos, she does resemble singer Angela Chang, who definitely isn’t ugly.

    2. @littlefish Lol, clearly, they have as problem with their darling Yang Yang dating someone beautiful. I bet when news of Xiao Zhan dates, there will be hate news too… lol…such a pointless emotions. I never understand how obsessive fans can get…

      1. Yup, I saw photo of ren min in modern drama, and she looks great/fine and I don’t see her nose. Just like ppl used to really bother by Tavia’s nose, I was somehow got super bothered by her nose in TLP lol.

        I dislike YY, like before this whole thing blow up, there was an article criticised him for not speaking up. You date you date, you don’t date you gotta speak up so his fans don’t go banana. Dude did nothing. Poor girl, literally got hounded on by ppl whose lives are so bad and got nothing better to do than bringing a pretty girl who has a job down -.-

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