“Joy of Life 2” Drops Trailer

Releasing its latest teaser, the second season to popular web drama Joy of Life <慶餘年> has attracted 11.72 million views in just 2 days. Besides showing Sweet Li (李沁) in a stunning wedding outfit, an epic battle of wits between Zhang Ruoyun (張若昀), Chen Daoming (陳道明) and Wu Gang (吳剛), is balanced by several humorous scenes, while the addition of supporting actresses Gina Jin (金晨), Wang Churan (王楚然) and Mao Xiaotong (毛曉彤) also evoked intense audience interest.

Besides hinting that Fan Xian transforms from season 1’s popular figure to a more tentative position in the sequel, Qing Emperor played by Chen Daoming brings a new burst of energy. While Mao Xiaotong’s seemingly innocent princess spoke only one line, it revealed the key development at the end of season 1 where Fan Xian is stabbed by Yan Bingyun (Xiao Zhan 肖戰), proving that she is not as simple-minded as she appears.

Plot Hints & New Faces

Breaking the tension, light-hearted humor is also interspersed through a few scenes, such as one where Zhang Ruoyun – who had time-traveled to the past and reincarnated – does a modern dance in an ancient costume, mirroring the actor’s recent dance to Cyndi Wang’s (王心凌) pop tune in a school uniform in the final episode of The Hope <鳴龍少年>.

Another hilarious scene is where Chen Daoming breaks the bowl in his hand under Wu Gang’s gaze, but later had his face turned charcoal-black when it explodes. While funny, the success of the research into explosives threatens to increase tension between the various nations.


Bringing their alluring charm to the sequel are Mao Xiaotong, who appears laughing in the second half of the teaser, Jin Chen, who dressed in a red costume smiles faintly while looking ahead in a confident poise, and Wang Churan who is seen hugging her pipa in a short but enchanting few seconds.

Source: Upmedia

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  1. looking forward to the 2nd season…

    one of a rare drama with a great actors team, most of Cdrama now is t rash with idols & girly boys…

  2. How are y’all not gonna post a link to the trailer for what will surely be the hottest drama of the year (if it airs this year)!

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