Wang Churan Spotted at Yang Yang’s Hotel for Three Days in a Row

Chinese actor, Yang Yang (楊洋), has achieved overwhelming fame across Asia after his 2016 drama Love O2O <微微一笑很傾城>. With scorching interest in his romantic life, and the 31-year-old has trouble keeping his love life under wraps and was sighted with his new rumored girlfriend at a hotel!

Previously linked with actress Li Qin (李沁) when they were fresh to the industry, Yang Yang apparently broke up with her after Li Qin’s career started to take off. Several years ago, Yang Yang was spotted with Bridgette Qiao Xin (喬欣) in London during Valentine’s Day. However, the pair denied the rumors. Bridgette was criticized by Yang Yang’s fans, who disclosed that the actor had quickly broken up with the actress after the news broke.

Latest Flame is Wang Churan?

Currently, Yang Yang is rumored to be dating his My Fireworks on Earth <我的人間煙火> co-star Wang Churan (王楚然). In March, the media reported they were vacationing in Maldives and were spotted kissing on the beach. Their respective agencies did not respond to the rumors. Although disguised, the pair was also speculated to have gone skiing while taking sweet selfies.

Recently, Wang Churan allegedly visited Yang Yang’s Shanghai hotel three days in a row where she was picked up by his assistant. Cautious to avoid being spotted together, Yang Yang left accompanied by his assistant and Wang Churan exited through another door.

Netizen reactions to the dating news have been on two extreme sides. Some say that Yang Yang has always been very immersed in his onscreen roles,   which is why he develops real feelings with many of his former costars. Fans theorize how long he will stay in the current relationship depends on how invested he is in his next character. There were also some netizens who criticized Yang Yang for his habit of breaking up with his girlfriends once their relationship is exposed, and then declaring his “single” status.

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  1. All the speculations in the last paragraph make him look bad.
    Some netizens also point out how he have kept quiet throughout his previous past relationships rumours and let his fans attacked the female online.

    1. I remember one of the females was Victoria Song…Apparently, she even made a comment about it on her social media…

      1. What did she say?

        It speaks a lot about the character if he has ever dated any and sat back while his fans online attacked the female. I don’t follow those speculations back then so not sure if any was true or “should be” true.

        Still think he is a good looking actor who cannot act.

    2. Actually the last paragraph is closer to the truth than not, unfortunately.

      1. I feel so too… but he is not getting younger…

        @Dee Hi Dee, how are you? You read about the “2hrs car chase” by Harry and Meghan, apparently it is semi staged. I bet many celebs will stage things just to get sensation news headlines.

      2. @Hohliu oh yes I saw articles but did not really read details. H&M couple as a friend calls them comes across, to me, as desperate for attention and not really genuine so I rarely read things about them. My thought when I saw headlines was actually that this is if not fully staged than super exaggerated.
        But about staging as a practice oh my that is so true! So much drama is stirred on purpose, fandom wars as well, they are coordinated by agencies for increasing of celebs visibility, romance paparazzi leaks etc. Sometimes celeb knows about it but sometimes they don’t as team need genuine shock and out of context reaction in public. Celebrities are not really masterminds to be honest. Some of them are smart and can come with ideas, but many don’t.

      3. @Dee You are right, fandom wars too…there are cases many are provoked deliberately to create trouble.

    3. I do agree that he has a good looking face but can not act. He has the same expressions for most of the roles but I was never able to finish anyway. Alot were crazy about that series w/DD, to me it was so boring gone by 2nd episode. I think he probably cares about his clean cut image alot since imagine if he takes on an unattractive and punk roles he will prob do even worse esp for him. Some people acts and looks like the character they are portraying but to me YY looks the same like himself in every role. The girl above is really pretty and I was an epi or two of her series on utube but also gave up after a few episodes. Is it just me but I think she resembles alot like Crystal Liu?

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