Yang Yang Fails to Charm in “Fireworks of My Heart” 

Premiering on July 5 to ardent anticipation alongside rumors of a real-life romance between its leads, firefighter-themed drama Fireworks of My Heart <我的人間煙火> ignited buzz of the wrong kind, as its male lead Yang Yang (楊洋) is criticized for his annoying persona and poor acting, not helped by the production’s draggy, dated plot.

Complaint #1: Character’s Female-bashing Habits

Literally under fire, viewers pointed out how lead character Song Yan’s (Yang Yang) conceited, ruffian-like personality, which might have worked for idol dramas of years past, is unjustified in this time and age. Especially irked by Song Yan’s rampant verbal attacks on the female lead played by Wang Churan (王楚然), many commented that even the heartthrob’s irresistible looks could not salvage the character’s unsavory behaviors, which are a huge turn-off for female viewers.

Complaint #2: Character’s Cocky Arrogance

Redefining standards for modern idol dramas, You Are My Glory’s <你是我的榮耀> final episode had made headlines when viewers who logged on to iQiyi for its final episode temporarily crashed Tencent’s servers. Earning Yang Yang a firm spot among the C-drama’s A-list siusangs, the actor was praised for finally shedding his problematic acting style, with fans gushing over the charms of his low-profile and abashed engineer persona.

In contrast, fans are disappointed to find that his wooden expressions have made a return in Fireworks of My Heart where his knitted brows and stiff chin were apparent in the opening episodes, and disliked the cocky and arrogant vibes Yang Yang brought to his character. As related topics soar up Weibo search ranks, Yang Yang’s representation of the profession is also being accused of casting firefighters in a poor light; “even a negative score is too high”, one netizen said.

Source: Upmedia

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  1. He is always been a bad actor…he is not even a okay actor. Looks like his looks cannot help me thru in this drama.

      1. I did like his looks but he has been given enough chance to improve and prove himself as a actor…I guess, some facts cannot be changed easily…

  2. His role in YAMG didn’t have that much personality. It was basically a role where he just had to look good, which Yang Yang is has every ability to do. Playing characters with shortcomings and still making them likable really requires skills. I find Yang Yang very handsome, and enjoy looking at him. But when he has to play a less one note character, I have a really hard time. I remember trying to watch him in Martial Universe and I had to give that up.

    1. I was a fan of him after Love 020… he could carry that dull character well with his looks. I enjoyed watching him…but in Martial Universe, I really tried so hard to enjoy the drama, I wanted to support him but …in the end I dropped the drama… he was just too awkward to watch. I may not be his fan anymore but I do tried to watch some of his projects…I think the only project I completed since was only You are my Glory…

      1. @Hohliu I was also a fan of his after Love O2O! I found him very dashing in that drama. The Love O2O female lead’s bad acting also made him look better. I tried my best to complete Martial Universe but he’s not good at portraying more colorful characters. I’ve completed the same ones as you with the addition of King’s Avatar. That role didn’t require a lot of acting either 🙂 For the Yang Yang fans out there, I’m not trying to bash him. He’s very handsome and is a great dancer, just not a great actor…

      2. Oh yes, how can I forget King’s Avatar, I enjoyed that too.
        I know Yang Yang’s fans will kill me for saying this but I dont find Yang Yang a hardworking actor… He is not keen to really hone this skill. He does enjoy acting, but he will not work too hard to excel. But he can makes alot of money doing endorsements and modelling, why push himself too far. He is enjoying his job. Again, nothing wrong with that.

  3. For C-drama with firefighting theme, I would recommend ‘A Date with the Future’. The fire fighting and rescue scenes were superbly done and chemistry between the 2 leads were great too.

    1. I just finished that and it was great even thou it has the lamest, lip bumping, barely high school kids kissing skill scenes I have ever seen in any drama. Also, quite alot of scenes were very weird and nonsensical but hey nothing’s perfect. lol haha….But the leads are just super cute together so I think people just overlook the bad kissing scenes somehow like I did. Overall, it was ok and not boring at all. I did try an episode of YY’s series but it’s not my cup of tea. The ML is very pretty as well. She looks very much like Crystal Liu to me too but sorry, it was not my cup of tea even thou they are both handsome/pretty but then again I never like YY in any drama even thou he is handsome not sure why just his acting just never appeal to me in any way.

  4. He is gonna need a killer role (literally and figuratively) or an industrial accident on his pretty face at this point because the stigmatism of a good looking guy cannot act will not shed. Just to be fair though, do we have any idols that act very well? I am talking the level of good looking like YY, can they also act to that level?

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