Yang Yang and Wang Churan Spotted on Snowboarding Date?

Costarring in My Fireworks on Earth <我的人間煙火>, Yang Yang (楊洋) and  actress Wang Churan (王楚然) are believed to be dating. Rumored to have visited Maldives together, they also seemed to have gone on a snowboarding date.

On April 1, photos of a snowboarding couple presumed to be Yang Yang and Churan were posted online by Yang Yang’s fan, who commented, “Respectful blessing.” Hugging and leaning towards each other for a kiss, they were wrapped in snowboarding gear from head to toe. However, there were three hints that exposed their identities.

The first hint was found in the man’s right hand, which remained gloveless as he held onto a snowboard. After thorough inspection, sharp-eyed fans recognized the mole in the man’s palm is in the exact same position as Yang Yang.

Secondly, the man’s snowboard also has the same Burton fire design as Yang Yang. Fans knew what Yang Yang’s snowboard looked like, as his good friend Meng Asai (孟阿賽) often posted photos of their snowboarding trips.

Despite the woman’s entire face being covered besides the tip of her nose, she has the same high nose bridge as Churan. The tip of the nose was also very similar.

While dating rumors continue to circulate online, Yang Yang and Churan have yet to respond. Regardless, netizens are fairly accepting of the couple due to their physical compatibility.

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This article is written by Minna for JayneStars.com.

Yang Yang and Wang Churan are Dating?

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  1. I know 7 years is not a big gap but it is the social gap that they are in that makes it difficult to understand. She’s 24; he’s 31. If she were 34 and him 41, it would be very different. She just graduated college 2 years ago and he graduated like 10 years ago, you get me?

    1. So they should not be dating, is that what you are saying? So she graduated college two years ago, and he graduated a while back, big deal. So he is 31 and she is 24, someone better call the police, we have a pedophile, a cradle robber at large, lol. If they are dating, nothing wrong with their age. They are both young, and celebrities need romantic love too

  2. Lol, so stupid. Identifying someone by a toy bit of their nose lololol ~_~ give it up ppl! Also that tiny mole can be added in so easily! I wouldn’t give it much credit! And his snowboard, unless it’s custom made, I’m sure other will have the same one lol. Again, not concrete evidence-.- anyhoo, so what if he’s dating, it might make his acting less wooden lol, I say go for it lolololol

  3. Can’t believe how many netizens spend so much time playing detective down to inspecting moles

  4. Netizens never cease to Amaze me with their obscure, backward mentality. The article mentioned that the masses are fairly okay with them dating due to their physical compatibility. Wow, double wow, I have no words. I guess that is the trend for couples to be dating nowadays, physical compatibility ….okay……., rolls eyes.

    1. Lol, regardless how advanced their technology it..it is the behaviours and thinkings of some of its netizen that demonstrate otherwise…

      1. @Hohliu
        My peeps told me it was them on a snowboarding date. Good for them, they are two young, attractive people, and should enjoy each other’s company if they
        click. Lol to what you said, so true right….

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