Yang Yang and Wang Churan are Dating?

In 2016, Chinese actor Yang Yang (楊洋) rose to fame across Asia with idol drama Love O2O <微微一笑很傾城>. Dating Li Qin (李沁) at the start of their careers, their relationship experienced growing pains. While many hope they can rekindle their relationship, it seems that Yang Yang may already have a new girlfriend.

A netizen claims to have witnessed Yang Yang kissing actress Wang Churan (王楚然) on a beach in the Maldives. They were with a group of friends, including Yang Yang’s good friend Meng A’sai (孟阿賽) and his castmates from Glory of the Special Forces <特戰榮耀>.

Younger than Yang Yang by eight years, Wang Churan was his costar in Fireworks of My Heart <我的人間煙火>. In Wang Churan’s social media posts, there was a photo where her background looked like the interior of a Maldives hotel. They also discovered that she and Yang Yang had undergone Covid-19 testing at the same time. Lastly, she had held a livestream and was seen wearing short sleeves. Beijing was very cold at the time and viewers even asked whether she had gone to Sanya for vacation.

Both party’s agencies have yet to respond to the dating rumors, although there are some fans who believe the latest development is only a promotional tactic for their new filming projects.

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This article is written by Kiki for JayneStars.com.

Li Qin and Yang Yang’s Dating Photo Exposed

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    1. Oh…You are very right!!! Gosh, regardless they are dating or not, I bet with this rumours out, she have lots to deal with already.

      1. His fans are denying it upfront. There are some but I don’t know if they are fans or not (likely the former) are accusing her and her team for making use of him to spread “such baseless” rumour.
        On the other than, there are netizens not buying the idea that is baseless.
        Thought she was speculated to be dating another co star (the leading actor in Imperial Coroner) but the rumour with YY was said to have started for a while.

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