Yang Yang and Dilraba Dilmurat’s Chemistry Sizzle in “You Are My Glory” 

Yang Yang (楊洋) and Dilraba Dilmurat (迪麗熱巴) are dropping visual bombs across their popular romance You Are My Glory <你是我的榮耀> with their sizzling chemistry and beautiful character styling.

From episode 19, Yu Tu (Yang Yang) and Jingjing (Dilraba Dilmurat) begin exploding with sweetness after Yu Tu decides to follow his heart and pursue his desires, including his relationship with Jingjing. Successfully winning her back, they date and fire up the screens with a string of seven passionate kissing scenes.

A time skip later shows the couple’s life after marriage with Jingjing still busily working in the entertainment industry, and Yu Tu achieving his dreams of becoming a chief aerospace engineer. On a momentous day when he finally sends off his completed project to space, he calls his wife , “Mrs. Yu, welcome to Cape Space Center. Come and see the 38-year-old me.”

Radiating with mature charm, Yang Yang keeps hearts fluttering in his refined styling with glasses. Dilraba also looks glamorous in her patterned dress and khaki long coat. Breathtakingly attractive, Yang Yang and Dilraba are voted as a power onscreen couple with the best chemistry  and the key reason behind Your Are My Glory’s success.

Source: Ettoday

This article is written by Minna for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Goodness, the marketing team is working so hard to push this couple even after the drama has finished filming… Honestly, it is like forcing their chemistry in public’s face… But it seem to work as the Drama is still very highly rated.

    1. I know, I was on other sites and they comparing chemistries w her last series partners and this one really went over the top w/all kinds of promotions pre,mid and probably after the series or as it comes to an end. They might have chemistry on screen due to their visuals and endless kissing scenes so to them that’s perfect and it should work as A listers that’s the effect they are looking for. Good looking pair/Endless kissing scenes. But in real life during some promotions, they do not have much chemistry and alot of awkward moments in promoting their CP’s.

  2. This couple is really perfect. Yang Yang looks really good in this drama esp with glasses on. He had gained back his top star status which was once defeated by others.

    1. It depends if you like sugar sweet romanctic genres. I gave up after 2 episodes but really it depends on the individual like the person above said they were perfect and I would like really? lol…Most of them like them together because they have the visuals but I never like YY’s acting other than he’s handsome. haha lol So to me I don’t care about eye candy and probably too sugary sweet really isn’t my genre anyway so if you like either of them give a shot but I know some sites even thou they broke viewing records or whatever reviews was only 7 so really depends on the person watching. If they like their pairing/more than enough kissing scenes will most likely love it. 🙂

    2. Yes, their chemistry is off-the-charts and their portrayal of characters are so natural there was never a cringe moment. It wouldn’t have hit 3 billion views in China if the drama rely solely on good looks like what some have commented despite not watching the drama.
      Watch with an open mind and get ready to be caught in their web.
      First half has mobile gaming as its the bridge that brought them together plus aerospace which explains male lead’s background. Once the couple gets together is where the sweetness begins.
      This drama has the best first meeting with in-law scene, most touching wedding proposal (2nd one), most beautiful bride and wedding scene.

  3. I’ve never seen so much promote from 2 leading OTP before, but it makes sense because if you watch the drama, you’ll know that the budget is not a joke. It’s like they spear no expense at all; hence, the leads got to do their part to make sure the drama does well.

    This drama may be 32 ep but they are only 30min in total each, so it is consider short in compare to other Cdramas. As a fan of the novel, I actually like this live adaptation. The kiss scenes are within the norm of the character’s situation. They hardly see each others so when they do, kisses are the indications of their love and their very small jesters/interaction are the most fitting for a couple who has been dating/married (as the drama does time jump) for a few years. Also, there a great message & made me wonder about my hopeful years when I was in high school and college only to drop them when face with reality. I like this drama, in the end it had a genuine feel & serves its purpose.

  4. I can see why they casted Yang Yang, if anyone less handsome then it wouldn’t have worked. A superstar who is in love with her classmate for over 10 years, that classmate has to be someone very special and Yang Yang stepped up and played that role so well. Really enjoyed the drama, as someone said early, it is only 30 mins long and 32 episode, with no annoying parents or despicable third parties, so it was a easy watch and I didn’t skipped any of the parts.

    1. I did fast forward the rover parts (still get to read the subs to ensure I don’t miss out anything).
      Re-watching on official wetv app after finishing. This drama sets the bar up high for romance drama it’ll be quite difficult to start another for me.

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