Dilraba Dilmurat Draws Ire for Allegedly Celebrating Johnny Huang’s Birthday

Rumors of Dilraba Dilmurat’s (迪麗熱巴) relationship with Johnny Huang (黃景瑜) swirled after the two were spotted celebrating Johnny’s birthday in Shanghai. Due to Johnny’s past relationship controversy, many fans quickly voiced their concerns that Dilraba is sacrificing her career for love!

The two artistes first met after collaborating together in 2019’s drama Love Designer <幸福,觸手可及>. At the height of their relationship rumor, Dilraba suddenly disappeared from the media for nine months which led to speculations that the actress had a secret marriage and pregnancy. Adding to the mess, Johnny was accused of physically assaulting his ex-wife Wang Yuxin (王雨馨).

Although Dilraba and Johnny had not confirmed their relationship, sharp-eyed netizens noticed that Dilraba’s location on Weibo was listed as Shanghai on November 29th. Immediately after Johnny’s birthday on November 30th, Dilraba’s location was changed to Hebei, but her studio did not share any photos of her activities in Hebei. As netizens noted that the Beijing Daxing airport’s location is often registered as Hebei, Dilraba was speculated to have made a special trip to Shanghai for Johnny’s birthday.

Fans were disappointed by the news and pointed out that throughout the couple’s four years of rumored-relationship, Dilraba had always been the one accommodating Johnny. While Johnny was filming in Shanghai for Love song in Winter <冬至>, Dilraba would often travel to be with Johnny. When Dilraba was filing You Are My Glory in 2020, Dilraba was spotted in Changzhou visiting Johnny. When Dilraba took a nine-month break last year, Johnny stayed in X’an for filming.

Fans also took issue with Johnny’s controversial past with Wang Yuxin. Just a few days ago, Wang Yuxin dropped a bombshell on Weibo where she revealed she did have an amicable divorce and if she revealed the reason for the divorce, she would have to compensate Johnny 200 million Chinese yuan. Accusing Johnny of being egotistic, she called Johnny out for doing nothing to protect her from his fans even though she did everything she could to protect his image.

Many netizens voiced their negative opinions of Dilraba’s alleged trip to Shanghai to celebrate Johnny’s birthday. They wrote, “These two should make an official announcement and stop making news. They are obviously in a relationship. If you don’t listen to fan’s advice, it will get messy. They have a love brain and all advice is falling on deaf ears.”

Source: Upmedia

This article is written by Sammi for JayneStars.com.

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  1. These fans need to get over their artists’ control. Dilraba and Johnny owe you nothing. If they have a relationship going, it is their business. These fans are too delusional and domineering about who they want for who. Wait a moment, haha, I thought Johhny was in a Boys Love relationship, …..sarcasm.
    His past is his past. If his ex wife has anything incriminating about him to say, she needs to speak up or put a sock in it. Ishe said she will have to pay Johhny if she speak up about their divorce. Is it possible that Johhny has the goods on her? Why else would she have to pay him.
    These fans need to wake up,I mean really wake up, big time.

    1. To be truly honest, I have never ever understood the mind nor heart of die hard fans… I have never been huge fan of any idol to the point I feel ownership towards the idol. Or even allow the idol’s personal life affect me.
      The culture of fandom have been around forever, some reach the point of being worshipped like Gods. Why would anyone lose themselves to someone they don’t even know personally? Go crazy over little news of them. And start fan wars over idols who frankly don’t even know them.
      It is just craziness I do not understand. I am so busy with my own life, I have no time to be obsessed over a stranger’s life. All too strange for me.

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