Johnny Huang’s “Bright Eyes in the Dark” Praised for Authentic Firefighting Details

Having just premiered, Johnny Huang Jingyu’s (黃景瑜) Bright Eyes in the Dark <他從火光中走來> is already trumping Yang Yang’s (楊洋) Fireworks of My Heart <我的人間煙火>. Despite both shows centering on the lives of firefighters, Johnny’s drama is garnering praise while Yang Yang’s drama was criticized for its illogical plot, stiff acting, and inaccurate details.

Born in a military family, Johnny was introduced into the modelling world by one of his friends. Taking part in 2016’s boy-love drama Addicted <上癮>, Johnny officially debuted as an actor despite the drama later removed in China shortly after its broadcast due to its sensitive theme.

Addicted’s controversy did not hinder Johnny’s stardom and he appeared in 2018’s action film Operation Red Sea <红海行动>. Known for his strong masculinity, Johnny often portrays military and law enforcement roles and handles action scenes with ease.  The actor’s personal life remains similarly intriguing as he was rumored to be dating actress Dilraba Dilmurat (迪麗熱巴) after collaborating in 2020’s Love Designer <幸福,觸手可及>. Although the stars never publicly admitted it, netizens already deem their relationship an open secret.

While firefighter themes have been common in recent years, Johnny’s Bright Eyes in the Dark is more credible than other similarly themed idol dramas such as Fireworks of My Heart where Yang Yang was criticized for using the fire extinguisher to goof around with Wang Churan (王楚然).

Bright Eyes in the Dark depicts a story of firefighters that showcases their skills and expertise in a realistic storyline. Johnny reconnects with Nan Chu (played by Zhang Jingyi 張婧儀) years later after saving her in a fire. Although the two have feelings for each other, Johnny is afraid to get too close to her due to the nature of his dangerous profession.

To prepare for his role, Johnny trained by climbing ladders, ropes, and actively participating in martial arts. With his hard work paying off, Johnny was seen comfortably wearing his firefighter suit with ease. The first episode held promise and viewers are eager to see more of the drama.

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