Huang Jingyu and Zhou Ye Rumored to Lead Tsui Hark’s “Return of the Condor Heroes”

Esteemed producer/ director Tsui Hark (徐克) is reportedly adapting Jin Yong’s (金庸) Return of the Condor Heroes <神雕俠侶> into a new film triology. Johnny Huang Jingyu (黃景瑜) and Zhou Ye (周也) are supposedly in talks to lead the new film as Yang Guo and Little Dragon Girl.

As Return of the Condor Heroes is known for its intricate characters, other rumored cast adding to the wuxia universe include: Zhou Xun (周迅) as Huang Rong; Chen Kun (陳坤) as Guo Jing; Zhang Yuqi (張雨綺) as Li Mochou; Shi Yanneng (釋彥能) as Jinlun Guoshi, Liu Haocun (劉浩存) as Guo Xiang; Zhang Hanyu (張涵予) as Huang Yaoshi; and Tony Leung (梁家輝) as Duan Zhixing.

A project apparently shelved for many years due to various reasons, it appears Tsui Hark is determined to finally execute the ideas he has reserved for so long. Despite the reputable filmmaker , many netizens are not keen on the pairing of Jingyu and Zhou Ye, as they do not appear to be visually compatible.

A netizen even harshly remarked, “Can you wait until our generation dies out before you remake it?” The strong resistance show that viewers already had enough of the countless adaptations, and are hoping for fresh ideas and new content instead.

Source: HK01

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  1. Please no. Stop the Jin Yong adaptations. With every new version, they’re ruining classics that I once loved. I know I can just not watch it like how I didn’t watch the Yu Zheng version, but I can’t unsee all the terrible styling in screen caps of articles.

  2. Didn’t they make one that has been sitting on the shelf for a couple of years? I thought that would be released first. The rumored cast sounds like a pipe dream. I can’t imagine any of those big names accepting these roles.

  3. They ought to leave well alone be. Write new dramas, please. Well , if Huang Jingyu has good chemistry with this costar, he and her will automatically an offscreen couple, and nothing can convince the delulus otherwise. What a life to live, believing every couple who has good onscreen chemistry is an offscreen couple. I would not want such a pathetic life.

  4. A long moratorium on Jin Yong and other annual remakes is something the regulators ought to consider.

  5. I dont think I can watch another remake of these trilogy for the next 10yrs.. Unless, it is splendidly produced. Which is really rare in recent years….

  6. Those days when people get excited over Jin Yong adaptions are over. There are too many adaptions in recent years, drama or movies and almost all way beneath average quality.

    And the cast, personally don’t think much of the Johnny’s acting, exclude the BL production which I didn’t view even a snippet. ZY does not resemble Little Dragon Girl. And Liu Haocun, the Chinese audience really dislike her for her soulless acting (regardless of what Zhang Yimou thinks of her) despite not lacking in movie opportunities, her inability to understand interviewer’s simple questions and her inability to reply and her family’s delay in the monetary compensation to a little girl who became paralyzed due to negligence on the LHC’s mother while LHC remained to have her comfortable lifestyle. But it was speculated that she has strong financial backing so the opportunities to act with veteran actors, to take part in famous directors’ productions.

    1. @BearBear I am glad I am not the only that dont think much of Johnny’s acting… His acting never strikes any chord…

      Interesting info on Liu Haocun, I never understood what Zhang Yimou saw in her before…. She reminds me of Jelly Lin… but Jelly is slightly better..

  7. I was never impressed with his acting. It dissappoints me that the production houses are wearing such classical dramas thin by recycling them continuously. The more they are recycled, these dramas lose their essence. Don’t get me started that they chose actors who are cheeseburger actors, who so happen to have decent or half decent looks. This is all the fans need to see. When this current generation of actors butcher such legendary dramas, it is an afront to the casts of 30 years ago or more. It is also an insult to us who appreciate acting with substance. Just my two cents.

  8. A cheeseburger actor is a barely mediocre actor. He or she might be charismatic, has a great body and a goodlooking face, but very little acting ability. A famous director called a so called big shot a cheeseburger actor, hahaha.

      1. @Hohliu Peter Chan, the husband of Sandra Ng, called Andy Lau a cheeseburger actor. Funny thing is, Andy and Sandra are friends

  9. Mirror, BTS have taken over the universe. They are basically bigger than life. Are they good looking, maybe, in a girlish kind of way, exactly what the women nowadays want, not manly and ruggedly handsome like Andy. Can they dance, hell yeah, just like Andy. Are they charismatic, yes, like Andy, they are. Are they they great singers and actors? Just like Andy, they are not. Charisma and what sells will get you everywhere, specifially in the Asian showbiz world. It will get you lots of opportunities.

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