Huang Jinyu Fulfills Childhood Dream in “My Dear Guardian”

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Huang Jinyu Fulfills Childhood Dream in “My Dear Guardian”

Starring Johnny Huang Jinyu (黄景瑜) and Li Qin (李沁), My Dear Guardian <爱上特种兵> premiered on iQIYI on June 1. With military love themes known to trend hotly, the drama is already attracting huge attention. To promote the premiere, the two stars appeared at an event to chat about the filming process.

My Dear Guardian is adapted from the novel Round Fingers Under Military Uniforms <军装下的绕指柔> written by Zhe Zi Ma Yi (折纸蚂蚁). It tells a romantic story blossoming on military grounds between a warm and kind-hearted medic Xiachu (Li Qin) and cold and rigid soldier Liang Zemu (Huang Jinyu). Despite their differences, they find a common ground in striving to serve and protect the nation. Working together to fulfill their sworn duties, they encounter all kinds of danger that gradually draw them closer.

Though the drama immediately draws comparisons to Descendants of the Sun because of their similar themes, the novel for My Dear Guardian was published before the airing of the Korea drama. In addition, the rescue mission scenes in My Dear Guardian were filmed with extreme realism and the longer 40-episode format allows for more intricate character and plot development outside of the main romance.

Despite his physically demanding role, Jinyu had earlier expressed that it is his “childhood dream to become a special forces soldier.” Because of family influence, the 28-year-old actor has admired soldiers and troops since young. As such, he believes there is some fate to be able to play the character.

Playing similar uniform roles before, Johnny gained relevant experience that laid a solid foundation for the difficult and risky action scenes in My Dear Guardian. Hoping to present his best action performance to audience, Jingyu put huge efforts to make himself mirror a real solider as closely as possible, and perfected every gesture from small gun movements to walking postures.

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