Xiao Zhan Not Featured in “Joy of Life 2” Character Stills

Delayed time and again, season 2 of hit costume drama Qing Yu Nian or Joy of Life <慶餘年> finally held its booting ceremony on May 10! While the released character stills showed most of the original cast including leads Zhang Ruoyun (張若昀) and Li Qin (李沁) back for the anticipated follow-up, actor Sean Xiao Zhan’s (肖戰) character is nowhere to be seen, confirming rumors of his exclusion from the new season.

Runaway Hit
Garnering a viewership over 16 billion and drawing 12 billion clicks on related topics on Weibo, the 2019 series was billed as an epic and catapulted the cast to fame. With filming for the web fiction-based adaptation pushed back for a total of seven times partly due to the pandemic, the possibility of casting changes have been on the rumor mill for the past two years.

Thankfully, veteran actors Chen Daoming (陳道明), Wu Gang (吳剛), Li Xiaoran (李小冉), Song Yi (宋軼) and others will be back for their parts, but Xiao Zhan, who played Yan Bingyun will not be reprising his role, even though his character will have a pretty big part in season 2, according to the web novel on which it is based. With fan discussions in overdrive, speculation is rife that his character may very well be axed – which will mean major changes to the script. Unsurprisingly, netizens are calling on the production crew to make known the identity of the actor who will play Yan Bingyun if he will still feature in the sequel, to prevent undue speculation.















Source: HK01

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  1. I watch this drama for Zhang Ruoyun, he is just great in the drama… As for Sean, I dont miss his character. I bet Sean’s charges now are higher then Zhang Ruoyun…

  2. It’s one of those where I feel that you should return to the drama because it’s a great drama, so what if the fee is lower than your normal drama.

    1. I wonder too agree it will be great for Xiao Zhan to agree to return to a good project even as 2 male lead.

      1. @littlefish
        I saw this comment on MyDramalist and I agree with her:

        “No one make a big fussed when Arthur Chen did not reprise his role in Evernight 2, Leo Wu in Fights Break Sphere 2 and Xiao Zhan in Doulou 2. For a small minor/extra role in JOL, too much drama. Now everyone knows where some of the source of XZ anti fans (ZRY/JOL fan club).”

      2. I think there were fuss about Arthur not in Evernight 2…but Part 2 was so so badly made, he is lucky not to be leading the show.
        Xiao Zhan is actually a really nice guy but he is just too popular for his Antis…

      3. Personally I haven’t watched JOL, all I know is it’s highly praised. And since XZ’s reputation got quite damaged (in a sense that ppl don’t wanna talk to him), affiliating himself with a reputable series like JOL will bring him back to the people’s good side, call it public relation/fans service lol. Anyway, I also think there was a huge fuss about Arthur Chen not doing second season of ever night. I didn’t bother with first one knowing he wasn’t coming back for second lol.

        Anyway, I do understand Antis, but how do you know whose the antis belonged to? Also the main actor of JOL, he’s one of those don’t care about these fandoms thing, so I think his true fans are pretty chill, considering the projects he does. Like if I’m being skeptical, I feel a large percentage of XZ’s fandoms will be crazy teenagers, whereas a large percentage of ZRY is more mature? (Speculation here)

      4. The possibilities are that he wasn’t asked to reprise his role, or he turned it down because he didn’t want his controversial fame to overshadow the ml ZLR. Besides, he’s now busy with Condor Heroes.

      5. @littlefish: according to sources, the extreme young fans (and fake fans) who caused problems for XZ are no longer part of his fandom, although some fake fans are still trying to stir up trouble. The anti-XZ campaign actually drew in new fans consisting mostly of mature women from 30 to 80 years of age who were impressed by his character and talent.

      6. @msxie0714 maybe what you said about his new fandom’s demographic is true, because we aren’t getting attacked by just discussing him. We will have to see I guess.

        While what you said about not wanting to overshadow ZLR sound logical on the surface, I will have to personally disagree. Many know of ZLR’s solid acting, and the fact is he’s married, and pretty grounded, means he does not care about this thing. And like the previous incident where his “fans” went banana that caused a huge dint on his reputation, he should speak up. Same with this, he can just join the production, and giving out statement to quiet his fans. Kind of like what Yang Mi did with the second/first bill in her latest drama/movie (wasn’t sure if it’s a series or movie). The role should be what matters, the cast and crews are what matter.

  3. Great new, the part one is so good, until the end with a actor who can’t act… lucky he is not coming back in part 2… good luck for the filming… looking forward the new adventure

    1. He wouldn’t have been invited to act in the 8 hour stage play ‘Dream of a Dream” if he were as bad as anti-fans claim.

      1. You can find him good actor… I also have the right to find him bad…

  4. I don’t have any problem when people don’t like or making comments about certain actreses/actors, but I don’t see the need for them to be so nasty about it. None of us want someone to say nasty about us then we all should be more considerate to others’ feelings also. Words can do a lot of damaging to people. Not everyone are strong mentally – it can drive people to commit suicide.

    1. Yes…I do agree there are no need to personally attack other people’s opinion. We are all different…

    2. The intention of those professional anti-fans since 2020 was to drive XZ out of c-ent, or to commit suicide. Those twitter posts in March 2020 “RIP Xiao Zhan” was wishful thinking on their part.

  5. I noticed one regular commenter here and sometimes I also see him/her on other websites. He/she is so critical/unfriendly about Xiao Zhan, but when it comes to ZLS then he/she praised her like a perfect actress and can do no wrong. That’s too much.

    1. XZ said he welcomes constructive criticism to improve himself. But he has to contend with malicious covert and overt attacks from a large segment of netizens with ulterior motives.

  6. I would’ve loved Xiao Zhan to reprise his role, but no biggie if not. He only showed up a little bit near the end any way. Maybe he wanted to return, but is already scheduled for something else during filming. Maybe the production company didn’t even bother to ask him because they don’t want to spend even more money. Unless there’s an actual statement on the matter, there’s no point in speculating.

  7. Where’s the brother and dad? I liked those two too. But I’m so glad my favs are still playing their parts! I didn’t think Li Qin was gonna come back; this was one role in which she doesn’t really shine. Her role would be better served by someone new, who would inject new life to the character. Plus her role is very boring, a true vase.

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