Wang Yibo and Li Qin’s Fans at Odds Over Casting in “Golden Journey”

Becoming a big star after The Untamed <陳情令>, Wang Yibo (王一博) filmed more prominent dramas and continued his ascent to the top. He and Li Qin (李沁) from will star in upcoming drama Golden Journey <長風破浪>. Recently, the crew officially announced the cast and released the first wave of drama photos.

The lead stars’ good looks further increased anticipation for the drama. Wang Yibo wore a crisp suit and Li Qin wore a classy pink suit with a long matching skirt. The second female lead was revealed to be Gao Lu (高露), who left a deep impression in her role as the villain in The Story of Minglan <知否知否应是绿肥红瘦>.

Golden Journey is set in the later period of the Republic of China, from 1929 to 1934, and depicts a period rife with espionage. The drama follows Wang Yibo’s character who is disillusioned after experiencing the tariff reform and financial crisis. With the support and influence of Li Qin’s character, he learns how to seize opportunities in changing times. It is a story of growth and perseverance during difficult times.

It was previously reported Wang Yibo and Li Qin’s fans were fighting viciously over their idols’ rank in popularity. Li Qin’s fans were worried she would be shafted to the side as the drama largely revolves around the journey of Wang Yibo’s character. When Golden Journey was officially announced, Wang Yibo’s name was listed first in the cast list which made Li Qin’s fans very angry. Later, the crew adjusted the announcement and arranged the casting into three columns. Wang Yibo’s name was in the first column, Li Qin in the second column, and Wang Yang in the third.

It was widely rumored the filming date will coincide with filming for the second season of Joy of Life <慶餘年>, which may affect Li Qin’s participation. Fans only calmed down after learning Li Qin had accepted this new role as well as a role in Joy of Life’s second season.

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  1. Here I thought they were going to chew LiQin out for being 33 and Wang Yi Bo for being 26 and say that she’s too old for him. Song Yi was definitely chewed out for being 34 and paring with Wang Yi Bo 26. Let’s remember one thing guys: LiQin has more acting experience than Yi Bo so she can only lead him to success and he’s popularity and not necessarily acting talent is going to overshadow her talent and she still went for it. So, let’s not go there!

    1. I noticed that WYB’s dramas/films always pair him with strong and experienced notable actors/actresses as if he can’t hold it on his own. He’s great at dancing and sports, but acting-wise still needs guidance from stronger actors.

  2. Not a fan of either and don’t know the drama enough to share insight but wouldn’t the cast list or poster focus based on importance and screen time of the character?

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