Wang Yibo Troubled by Crazy Fans

The price of fame is the loss of privacy – something which popular actor Wang Yibo (王一博) must feel acutely about, given the out-of-line and extreme actions of his ardent fans – who have previously started fight over their idol at Haidilao hotpot restaurant and now, on board a plane!
Police Report Made Over Plane Flight

Wang Yibo caught up in a commotion over a crack in his trousers.

The 25-year-old released a statement through his company Yue Hua Entertainment on May 27 which stated that the star has been harassed by a particularly obsessive fan, who not only waited out at hotels, but also found representatives to merge into the production units on drama sets, and even disturbed Yibo’s parents and friends at their homes. Making reference to a plane incident, the statement added that Wang Yibo was against fan actions which “threatened public order.”

According to netizens who were on the same flight as Wang Yibo, they witnessed a female fan who kneeled down while loudly confessing her adoration, screaming “I love you! I love you! Your majesty, please accept a kowtow from concubine.”

Quick to Turn Down Fan Illusions

While other rational fans present expressed disapproval and chastised her behavior, a second fan who thought of herself as “Wang Yibo’s fiancée,” was provoked into jealousy by the “concubine’s” display of affection, and started a quarrel with her. A fight then broke out between the two which required intervention from the crew members on board, and a police report made to sort out the situation, though Wang Yibo, who had earphones on, remained nonchalant throughout.

Scarred by fans’ obsessive behaviors, Wang Yibo was in Beijing at a beverage launch event following the incident. When the host asked what if there was “anything which he would like to do with his fans,” he replied instantaneously, “Nope!” While his hostile reaction shocked fans on-site, netizens wondered if the host had forgotten to do his prior “homework,” as he totally touched on Yibo’s nerves with the question!

Source: HK.On.CC


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  1. Well, you got to admit, he has always dealt with his fans with such nonchalant attitude. He was/is never warm to his fans. And that is one of the reason why his fans love him more…
    Do they not fly on private planes in China? I would have thought top stars would pick that option if available?

  2. How he reacted is making me laugh. Can you imagine?? His deadpan expression not giving an eff attitude and just completely ignoring the scene hahahaha. He should be a comedian hahahhaa

    1. I’m just trying to picture this scene in the airplane, two crazy chicks, one with her knees down, declaring herself a concubine and one who thinks she’s his fiance and them both fighting, hair pulling and screaming and him with his headphones on completely blank staring at his screen LMAO…this is better than a drama

    2. Agree!! His reaction is similar to mothers who learn to zone out over their noisy kids every now and then. They learn how to phase out from the surrounding into their inner zone. But Yibo just tops them all… I would love to see him do so in person and give him a thumbs up.

  3. The fans need professional help on their mental health.
    Remind me of Andy Lau’s infamous fan.

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