Wild Theories Claim Wang Yibo Wears Woman’s Wig at Concert Date

To maintain his popularity and protect his image, Wang Yibo (王一博), 26, tries to keep his personal life out of the media frenzy. Although he was previously linked to socialite Qi Meihe (綦美合), Wang Yibo has never publicly acknowledged his relationship. As such, his love life often interests fans who believe he may be secretly dating Legend of Fei (有翡) costar Zanila Zhao Liying (趙麗穎) .

Recently, Wang Yibo was rumored to have discreetly dressed as a woman to watch a concert with a female companion. The former dressed in dark clothing, a baseball cap, and face mask. From the video clip showing the stature, posture, and walking stance of the “woman,” netizens speculated it was actually Wang Yibo wearing a woman’s wig and clothes to avoid public recognition while enjoying the concert. The female companion was speculated to be Zhao Liying.

Although Wang Yibo has not responded to the rumors, his fans were quick to jump to his defense, citing the ridiculousness of the claims and expressed, “Please do not engage in illegal rumor mongering. Do not deliberately spread false news.” Others argued that the woman’s petite frame and frailty clearly distinguish her as a female.

The ridiculous cross-dressing rumor was further dispelled when a front-facing photo of Zhao Liying attending Zhang Jie’s (張杰) concert with his wife, Xie Na (謝娜), surfaced. While Zhao Liying had indeed attended a concert, her attire was different than the female in the controversial photo.

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This article is written by Huynh for JayneStars.com.

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  1. If WYB really did wear a wig, trust me, he will do so in style. Even if he has glasses on or cover his face with mask, it will still be done in style.

  2. Zhao Liying must be dying for attention now that everyone distances from her and she lost resources. News like these are not harmful to her, to Wang Yibo on the other hand, is on the verge of getting blacklisted. The day this rumor is confirmed true, that’s the last day of Wang Yibo. Unless the government brings back past actors they blacklisted for hiring prostitutes or cheating on spouses. If this rumor is true, Wang Yibo is the caused of ZLY’s divorce.
    Obviously, when FSF ran into that cheating scandal with those fake text messages, ZLY was behind it. Now, WYB will be dragged in and he is behind defaming FSF as well, since he is the 3rd party and HOMEWRECKER.
    FSF’s fake scandal came out at the same time when ZLY copied WYB’s necklace and they were filming together. She was cheating, but instead, the media said FSF cheated on her. They didn’t say nothing about her cheating. FSF was scolded. After they divorced, the news about her and WYB’s necklace finally came out. Go back to that article and just look at how everyone gives them their blessings. EW! She is so manipulative!
    ZLY and WYB can get blacklisted together if they’re really a couple.

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