Zhao Liying Talks About Her Parenting Style

Zanilia Zhao Liying (趙麗穎) and William Feng Shaofeng (馮紹峰) shocked the public when they suddenly announced their divorce in 2020, merely two years after marriage. The ex-couple remains on friendly terms while sharing custody of their 4-year-old son. Despite her hectic career and schedule, Zhao Liying continues to make efforts to spend time with her son.

Keeping a low profile through the years, Zhao Liying surprised fans when she started being more active on social media, sharing food pictures, tidbits of her life, as well as makeup-free selfies. Most recently, she shared a photo of her son on social media. Sharp-eyed netizens noticed that it appears her 4-year-old son is wearing glasses already, and lambasted the 35-year-old actress for being an irresponsible and negligent mother.

Zhao Liying with her son.

Although Zhao Liying did not directly respond to the criticism, she shared her experiences as a mother and her parenting style in a recent interview. Admitting that she will not become a Tiger Mom, she has grown to be more patient and hopes her son will grow up happy and healthy.

Approach on Work and Life

On being strict with herself, Zhao Liying sometimes will wonder why she makes herself work so hard. If she constantly challenges herself, then the public will continue to have higher and higher expectations of her. During these moments, Zhao Liying feels torn in different directions. A part of her wants to take a step back and rest, while she always does not want to fall behind. “If you don’t have expectations of yourself, then you’ll have no purpose or value. If you don’t have any value, then there is no point in living.”

For many artistes, their acting approach stems from their real life experiences and Zhao Liying is no exception. Sharing that she has seen a lot of changes in herself the past few years, Zhao Liying said one of her favorite things to do is sit at a café and enjoy a cup of coffee while waiting for her son to get out of school. “I like taking walks on my own now. I like to go out by myself and feast on different foods. I enjoy riding tandem bikes and especially love to take walks when the weather is nice.” Although she always maintains a hectic work schedule, Zhao Liying has learned to find joy in the small moments as well.

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This article is written by Huynh for JayneStars.com.

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    1. Uh… She exposed his face during the time the government muted her, somehow they allow the news of her child face. Must be because wyb fans revealed the child isnt fsf but a ccp member. They muted her instead of wyb to make it looks like gov favors wyb but not her. It allows the gov to do the “clean up” and delete those comments. She was muted but allow to circulate the child face. It’s nice how Ym and neomie news are fake but circulated the same time, jayne published this late, Ym gets all the attention of being bad mother but Zly gets her praises as usual.

  1. I don’t understand how her son wearing glasses makes her an irresponsible parent. What am I missing here?

    1. To be honest, many young kids under 5yrs may need glasses but being kids are unaware and their parents do not know as the kids just gets about as normal. It is only when they start school and have to see the writing boards at school, then the teachers pick it up. Extremely common. Thus there may be many 4yrs old who needs glasses but their parents are unaware. Anyway, rarely any child wearing glasses are due to bad parenting….

      1. Not sure if that applies to kids with extreme technology these days, watching too much TV and on their ipads all day cause their parents “too busy” and “unwilling” to spend time together.

      2. @Freekyu i don’t like ZLY as an actress, but she has no fault in why her son needs glasses >_> it could be genetic as well as environmental impact. It’s irresponsible to jump into the “it’s the parents’s faults” wagon

      3. @LittleFish For someone who divorced under the reason “unwilling to spend time together” and the child did not even end up being close with her, the father, or any of the grandparents, and she only protected herself saying she’s no “tiger mom” but did not explain why the kid has glasses, I can’t take her seriously. Cough cough…

  2. When ZLY wants to make the public think she’s a welcomed daughterinlaw, she published fake news about Liu Shishi having postpartum depression because her inlaw hated her. When ZLY wants the public to think she’s a great mother, she published fake news about YM stealing her child back. From what I seen, YM only gave birth to a girl but HW’s parents will fight life and death for that girl. YM left her girl to them, so she never let the public say anything bad to others but her. ZLY brags she gave birth to a son just like FSF mother’s wishes. However FSF’s mother is never seen fighting for the boy. The boy is not close with any of his family members but super close with the babysitters. Now that ZLY wants to take her boy back and afraid of the public, she publishes fake news about others again. Shameless dirt.

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