Lin Gengxin Criticized for Lack of Passionate Kissing

Reuniting golden screen couple Zanilia Zhao Liying (趙麗穎) and Kenny Lin Gengxin (林更新, The Legend of Shen Li <與鳳行> aired to much excitement. The drama did not disappointment with its sweet romance and beautiful cinematography. However, Lin Gengxin was criticized for his poor acting and passionless kissing scene with Zhao Liying.

In an important romantic scene where their characters were to consummate their marriage, Zhao Liying initiated and kissed Lin Gengxin in a moment of passion and admitted, “I’ve wanted to do that for a long time.” In response, Lin Gengxin hesitatingly said, “We need to control ourselves.” Zhao Liying confidently replied, “I am very calm and clear about what I am doing right now. Don’t stop me. If this is a wrong choice, then it’s a wrong choice I am making.”

The angsty scene, meant to be romantic and passionate, left much to be desired due to Lin Gengxin’s frigid response to Zhao Liying’s tender kiss. While the actress was praised for her fervent kissing, Lin Gengxin remained tight-lipped and his face and ears turned red during the scene.

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  1. He’s confusing being lordly/godly/manly with being a block of wood. He can’t act to save his life. He’s in no way like Mark Chao in Eternal love

  2. I really don’t understand actors and actresses who accept roles in romantic dramas but refuse to do real kissing scenes and look like they’re being forced to put their mouths on their costars. It just looks ridiculous for the viewers and takes them out of the story.

  3. I only saw his one series w/Seven Tan. He really can’t act much but I do like ST so I was able to finish it. There was just one kissing at the end and it was nothing worth remembering for sure. haha lol…But then again, I also sometimes blame the director for accepting the cut? I mean, yes they didn’t do well on the kissing but did that mean that they just had to reluctantly accept it? Just like I did like A Date With The Future but only because I do like William Chan in there. WC can kiss but on that series not sure WTH happened. haha But the girl definitely can NOT kiss at so it’s like why did the director accept such kissing scenes?? I mean, no we are NOT expecting french kissing but some of these KS’ just were way too lame. haha lol

  4. Maybe he is interpreting his character being an ancient god that’s never fallen in love and doesn’t know how to kiss? No idea. Not a huge fan of LGX in general. I find him to be pretty bland.

    1. Agree. His ancient god is restrained from emotion for God knows how many years and he has the burden on his shoulders. He is supposed to be very very very very old and the way he walks, a step at a time can be interpreted as very old, very steady and with 10 mount everest on his shoulders because he is very aware of his burden and restriction. If he suddenly just throw his clothes and kiss her like he needs oxygen, it wouldn’t be consistent. The passionate part is the scenes after the kissing starts. You can interprete it as increasingly passionate as they go along.

  5. I am watching this series and I think he has matured as an actor and his acting is consistent with his character even the kiss which is increasingly passionate. It is also in line with his character, red ears and all and whoever criticises the scene of lin geng xin needs to get off the Internet, stop watching or just don’t comment. The acting is fine.

    1. As for comments of being stiff or wooden or no emotion, I think the viewers did not get the memo of his character xingzhi. It is in subtlety and this is how mature older people should act. I love watching the consistency. Editing is terrible, music at times annoying, the effects are sometimes ott and some scenes debatable like freezing Eastern sea which was awesome looking but made zero sense but throughout it all I think the actors did well. Lin gengxin was well cast. He didn’t look godly at first but he feels godly, the way he walks, the way he subtly emotes, the way he stares into her eyes and yes even kiss. Rare to have a passionate kissing scene but there it is. He lived a life full of restraints and she lived a life without restraints and even the kissing scene shows that. Rewatch it or you know, go watch other series. I’m just not pleased with the dubber who mumbles.

  6. I never understood kiss scenes. In my own opinion, it’s a sanitation issue but i was never into romantic shows lol

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