Lin Gengxin Spotted Running in the Rain

Kenny Lin Gengxin (林更新), 36, was spotted running in the rain in Hong Kong. While he was handsome in The Legend of Shen Li <與鳳行>, the loose costumes had masqueraded his thin frame.

A fan shared photos of her encounter with the actor. She wrote, “I saw Lin Gengxin at Hong Kong’s Avenue of Stars three times! When I first saw him running, I thought to myself wow, this person is very handsome. Although I only saw his side profile, my initial reaction was that he looked a lot like Lin Gengxin. I told my friends but they didn’t believe me. The second time, I saw him running in my direction so I was able to confirm that it was him. I didn’t want to bother him because he was running. The third time I bumped into him again when he was finished running. As an extrovert, I called out to him and he stopped to ask if I wanted a photo with him. He was very handsome and very gentle. Even though he was covered in sweat, it didn’t affect his handsomeness. I didn’t think I’d see him again, so I was so excited and nervous that my hand kept shaking. Forgive me for my poor photo skills and quality.”

The post attracted close to 6,000 comments and other netizens who had bumped into him also posted their photos. The netizens’ focus landed on Lin Gengxin’s t-shirt, joking that it looked like what old men would wear. Fans defended his choice and said the shirt helped him keep cool while running. Many noticed Lin Gengxin had lost a lot of weight as well.

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  1. Oh gosh, he actually looks rather unhealthy >_< hopefully he does not lose weight too quickly to just please the netizens, and care more about his health!
    Nothing wrong with his clothes lol, dude is trying to exercise, not trying to walk the red carpet *face palm*.