Is Lin Genxing on Board “The Golden Hairpin”?

Last November, Kris Wu (吳亦凡) was convicted of rape and group licentiousness, and was sentenced to 13 years. Prior to being banned by China’s broadcast regulators, he had filmed historical drama The Golden Hairpin <青簪行> with Yang Zi (楊紫). Investors are scrambling to recover their investment of 400 million Chinese yuan, and would suffer heavy losses if the drama fails to broadcast. They hope to delete Kris’ scenes to salvage the drama.

There were rumors of replacing Kris or utilizing AI to remove him from the drama, but no concrete decision was announced. Last year, rumors surfaced that Kenny Lin Gengxin (林更新) would replace Kris. Rumors again gained traction recently, claiming that the actor had signed a contract to appear in the production.

Although the news has yet to be confirmed, many netizens are very excited and some even utilized AI to replace Kris’ face with Lin Gengxin’s in the trailer videos. The footage looks very natural and he even had chemistry with Yang Zi!

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Kris Wu Sentenced to 13 Years for Rape

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  1. I heard YangZi is happy to re-shoot scenes for free… But will this drama ever see the light of day?? I wonder. I am so glad not to see Kris Wu on my screen…

  2. Both Kris Wu and Lin Genxing are ugly! The AI is going to be so funny, it will be the main talk 99% of the time for sure and nobody will care about the plot and anything else. Feel so bad for YZ.

    1. Who is WC? I cam see the appeal of LCX in 步步惊心 – Scarlet Heart. And the appeal of WYB as the street dancer… As for KW, I never liked his looks from Day 1…never understood why he was so popular with females at all. He is just creepy…

      1. WC is William Chan. I’m betting KW will still have his loyal fans during and after his incarceration. Just like how some imprisoned creepy murderers attract groupies in the US.

      2. @msxie0714 You are so right there…and along with those that still believe he is innocent.
        Oh, WC is William Chan. I cannot remember any of his dramas that I really loved… his dramas are very forgettable.

      3. @msxie0714 yes, William Chan. I just don’t see his acting skills or get his looks but I am giving him some credit to at least disagree with inappropriate behavior (referring to the other article).
        Not surprised if KW still has fans. Like you said, there are some people whose thinking deviates so far from logic. Recall seeing a clip of a female who became a fan of a prisoner, wrote letters to him and married him (think while he was still locked up). While some prisoners deserve a second chance in the society, her action is beyond me.

      4. @Hohliu that’s the problem, I didn’t see LGX’s appeal while watching Scarlet Heart. He was instantly popular while back then I wished they found someone else to play his role because he didn’t look like a prince or a royalty.
        While WYB as an actor, said to have expressive expression (his fans)…and he looks average (hopefully no diehard fan here).
        All I can remember is KW trying to look cool but pretentious, didn’t pay much attention to him then except wondering why he was big.
        I don’t understand why LH was big too and there were so many praises of his looks.

      5. @BearBear Now you threw me another spanner…who is LH? Must be generation gap… my fault for not good with name Initials of some stars…

      6. Could it be Lu Han? You know that ex-EXO? Definitely girly as heck but they find him HOT, those fans sure like korean style girly feminine stars. He is so damn average and they seem to make as this HOT guy. haha lol…I don’t think any of those mentioned are hot at all but if I have to pick one probably WC since I find him ok looking w/o the femininity but a bit bad boy vibe. 😀

    2. The popularity of KW and LH had to do with their affiliation with EXO. Upon their return to China, big producers were ready to capitalize on their popularity with domestic kpop worshippers. Without their affiliation in kpop, they would’ve been mere run-of-the-mill idols in China.

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