Ghostwriter Claims Kris Wu is Innocent

Canadian-Chinese singer Kris Wu (吳亦凡)  is currently serving a 13-year sentence in China, after being convicted of rape and group licentiousness. Through social media posts, influencer Du Meizhu (都美竹) had accused Kris of sexual assault which resulted in the singer’s subsequent investigation and imprisonment.

Recently a ghostwriter named Xu posted on social media claiming to be the writer behind Du Meizhu’s (都美竹) posts. Stating he had been deceived by Du Meizhu, Xu said the claims made in Du Meizhu’s posts were not true. Feeling deeply regretful and ashamed, Xu apologized to Kris’s mother in person.

Since he learned of the truth, Xu tried to help Kris find witnesses to testify and provide evidence, but to no avail. He expressed hope he could personally send Kris off at the airport so that Kris could beat him to vent his anger.

Although he did not mention any names, Xu used “she” to refer to Du Meizhu, saying that on the day she had sexual relations with Kris, she had bragged to her friends claiming ”Kris was very gentle and a nice person” and “I want to enter the entertainment circle so I need him.”

Xu’s claims immediately became a hot search topic. Nevertheless, Kris’ earlier appeal over his sentence was to no avail. It is said Kris is doing his best to behave in prison so he can lighten his term.

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  1. whatever…I doubt his conviction is due to just one person’s words. So his innocence will also not be determined by one person’s words.

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